Gauge Release Notes (2019-03-30)

Document created by Cody Titmus Employee on Mar 26, 2019
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In this release, Gauge supports adding tags to items, searching item banks, creating new assessment items in a bank, and importing QTI files in an empty item bank.



New Features



Item Banks

Item Tags

Item banks support adding tags to items. This feature allows teachers to easily categorize similar items within item banks.

Teachers can add tags when editing an item bank item. From the Tags and Metadata field, instructors can enter text to create a new tag. After a tag is created, it can be selected as a tag in any item bank associated with the user who created the tag.



Tags display as part of the item in the item bank and in any assessment where the item has been added.



Item banks support searching banks and filtering results by tags or item type. This feature allows teachers to quickly find items in an item bank.


Teachers can search for items within any item bank by using the Search field. Search results will display matching results from question titles, question stems, and answer choices.




Teachers can also use the Add Filter button to filter search results by tags or item type.




Manage Item Banks Page

Teachers can manage their item banks from the Manage Item Banks page. The Manage Item Banks page provides the same functionality that is available when item banks are accessed from the Build page of an assessment. The Manage Item Banks page also allows teachers to create new assessment items or import QTI files in a bank. This allows teachers to add items or QTI files in a bank without adding them to an assessment first.



Adding a new item allows instructors to add any item type that is available in an assessment.




Importing QTI file allows instructors to import content into a bank using QTI 1.2 or 2.0+ ZIP files. QTI files can only be imported into an empty bank.