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Instructors use data to guide teaching decisions. Canvas should offer a better quiz statistics page that provides more consumable and actionable information about student performance.


User goals

As an instructor:

  • I can view an entire-quiz summary for a given quiz that shows:
    • all scores on a distribution graph
    • quiz average score
    • high score
    • low score
    • standard deviation
    • average time of completion
  • I can generate an analysis report from a page that shows the last time the report was generated and allows me to retry or cancel requests for analysis reports in the event of an error
  • I can view question breakdown visualizations for a given question that show:
    • % of students who answered the question correctly
    • % of students who gave each possible response
    • which students gave each possible response, together with the overall score for each student who gave a given response
    • For true / false and multiple choice questions, a discrimination index that depicts how well the given question discriminates between students who scored higher on the quiz overall and those who scored lower; the discrimination index has something to say about the value of a given question


This feature was released into production Canvas on 12/06/14. Read the release notes here.