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If your school or district is using Aspire Grade Passback, you must first import assignment groups from Aspire. Assignment groups are collected and verified every 24 hours to be imported into Canvas.

If you choose to use this feature for Aspire, you must import all assignment groups into Canvas before adding assignments in Canvas. Canvas assignments will not be synced to Aspire unless they are located in an assignment group imported from Aspire.

Imported groups include an import icon to identify them from manually created assignment groups in Canvas.


Open Assignments

Open Assignments


In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Import Assignment Groups

Import Assignment Groups


Click the Options menu, then click the Import Assignment Groups option.


Add Assignment Groups

Add Assignment Groups

In the Import Assignment Groups window, click the Add button.

View Imported Groups

  View Imported Assignments


View the groups imported from Aspire, which are shown by the Import icon.

Note: It may take a few minutes for the new assignment groups to be available in Canvas. You will need to refresh the Assignments page to see if the Assignment Groups have been imported. If an assignment group is not imported, the assignment group may not yet be verified for import. Try importing the groups again in 24 hours. Also, assignment groups/grading categories will need to be imported each term and will designate which term they are coming from in Aspire.

Syncing Grades to Aspire


Guidelines and Restrictions


Grade passback will only work if a teacher has complied with the following requirements when creating an assignment:

  1. The assignment CANNOT have a name longer than 50 characters.
  2. The assignment MUST be in an Aspire-imported category. 
  3. The course and assignment MUST be published.
  4. The assignment MUST be set to sync to Aspire (see below). 
  5. The assignment MUST be assigned to the entire course or section. Aspire does NOT support grade passback of differentiated assignments. 
  6. The assignment MUST have a due date, and that date should be the same for all students in a section.



Assignment/Quiz/Discussion Creation Rules


An assignment must be set to post grades to SIS before the assignment is eligible to be passed back to Aspire. You can set this in the following locations:


  1. In the Assignments area using the Sync to Aspire option to the right of the assignment name as shown below:


Sync to Aspire Disabled


   2. By editing the assignment (or when creating the assignment) and checking the Sync to Aspire option on the assignment.


Sync to Aspire Option



Open Grades

Open Grades


In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.


Sync Grades

Sync Grades






Click the Actions menu and select the option to sync to your institution's SIS. This will sync any grades that have been changed in the Gradebook within the last 30 days. 



Sync Now

Sync Now

Click the Sync Now button.

Open Monitoring and Reporting

Open Monitoring & Reporting

In Course Navigation, click the Monitoring and Reporting link.

Note: Depending on when your SIS was implemented, the Monitoring and Reporting link may be named Grade Sync.


View Reporting Tab

View Reporting Tab   


The Sync Status page defaults to the Reporting tab, where you can view the status of the sync request.


In the search field [1], you can search for a specific sync request by course, section, or user SIS ID.


You can also filter by status. By default, the Everything status is selected, which displays all sync results in the page [2]. You can filter syncs by Cancelled, Errors, Failed, In Progress, In Queue, and Success.

Each status type displays the number of sync requests for each status [3]. To filter by a specific status type, click the name of the status.

View Sync Tab

View Sync Tab


To manage grade passback options, click the Sync tab [1].


To run a bulk grade passback for all grades in your course, click the Submit button [2]. Running a bulk grade passback sends every grade in the gradebook to your SIS. This option can be used if you notice a discrepancy between your Canvas and Aspire gradebooks.


To schedule a sync to run daily, select the Scheduled Daily Sync checkbox [3]. This option sends any new grades that were updated for assignments set to sync to SIS. To save your daily sync setting, click the Save button [4].