ANZ K12 User Group Meeting Minutes

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ANZ K12 User Group Meeting Minutes 


Date: 14/11/2019

Location: Zoom Conference Call

Recording Link: Here



  • Presentation from St Francis Xavier College
      • Outcomes are created at the root account level / sub account level so that they are able to pull reports at an account level
      • They set up assessments so that they have a comments section and have Rubrics attached to them 
      • The Rubrics have criteria that are both mixed with assessment specific criteria and criteria that are linked to the account level rubric
      • All of the outcomes are linked to assessments in this manner
      • By doing this they are able to utilise the Learning Mastery Gradebook
      • The Learning Mastery Gradebook is colour coded using Traffic light colours and this makes it visually easy to spot students that perhaps struggling or students that are doing well
  • Q&A
    • I find the mastery paths lends itself easily to competency-based assessment in VET courses.
      • Couldn't agree more. SFXC use accelerate at their school
    • How easy is it to edit learning outcomes at school level? Can dept heads do this?
      • If you have access to it then it is easy to do 
    • Are these entered at an account level so they are available to rubrics across your sub-accounts? to all teachers in all courses?
      • Yes they are
    • Can outcomes used across courses be connected (General capabilities?)
      • Definitely as long as the outcomes are located at the root account level
    • Can an outcome be linked to criteria in a rubric?
      • Yes it can 
    • Are you directing your parents to multiple platforms for see assessment and reporting?
      • Parents are directed to Canvas and their reporting system sends out an email at the end of the semester
    • Will Canvas be part of the National Systems Interoperability Framework with SiS systems?
      • Yes we are already part of the NSIP committee and have had representation for the last couple of years
    • Do you manually enter the outcomes or use the CSV for a bulk upload? 
      • Bulk import was done by the Canvas Team initially and manual changes were made
      • You can import Outcomes via CSV
    • Do you find students struggle with the language in the outcomes?
      • YES. SFXC have shortened the outcome 
    • To clarify do you need to double handed the data where the outcomes are recorded in Canvas and then into your reporting package?
      • Yes they currently do at the moment 
      • Would love Canvas to have their own reporting package
    • What kind of tasks would you link the assessment of dispositions to in Canvas? How would you recommend we record the assessment of dispositions in Canvas?
      • This is the next goal for SFXC 2020
    • Can Canvas work with ACARA to automate the Outcomes?
      • We have an older version of the national curriculum outcomes
      • Canvas is currently working with ACARA to get the latest version available
      • One of the schools in NSW has also manually entered the latest NESA outcomes and is happy for Instructure to share these with other schools
      • We can also import the VIC outcomes (exported 1st Ocotber 2019)
    • How does Canvas integrate with your reporting package?
      • Reporting package that SFXC are using a 25 Y/O product
      • Currently no but it takes around 5 minutes per class to upload the information. 
  • Ideas and feedback on features that might be missing or things you would like to see with Outcomes and Rubrics in Canvas (In Order of Priority)
    • When Calculating grades we would like the option to calculate the "mean value" as well this makes it more relevant for the Australian curriculum
    • Would be great to be able to edit more when creating the rubrics and outcomes e.g. dot points, bold etc
    • Yes, we would like parents / guardians to be able to view rubrics, outcomes in the Parent App when as assignment is graded
    • The ability for parents to view a summary of all class results on one page. Marks, grades, comments and rubrics for their child. All assessments.
    • Rubrics for self and peers assessment would be great
    • Is there a roadmap to be able to separately release comments at a different time to marks in a rubric?
    • How to see an entire class' overview whether parents have viewed their child's submission or attached rubric
    • being able to move criteria up and down the rubric. Once you make it you can't move it or slide a new one in.
    • Create a rubric that students can use to self assess? As pre or post submission.
    • We would like parents as 'observers' in courses to only see tasks, due dates, teacher feedback, rubric and outcomes
  • Feedback on other topics of interest from the survey, with discussion related to these items
    • In order of popularity:
  1. Continuous Reporting 52%
    1. The need for parents/guardians to be able to see clearly easily snapshot data around the continuous reporting
    2. Look at how to communicate feedback to parents easily
    3. Ease for teachers parents and students to access information
    4. Communicating and knowing when parents have viewed feedback 
  2. Student Engagement 48%
    1. Utilising a wide range of techniques to develop /integrate content in innovative ways 
    2. Linking to studio video and integration
  3. Assessment 38%
  4. Student and Parent Portals 38%
  5. Portfolium 34%
  6. Speedgrader 34%
  7. Content Editor 24%
  8. New Quizzes 21%
  9. Gradebook 3%
  • Share session - one cool thing you're doing at your school
    • Nathan from Playford International College use Octopus BI to allow parents to see snapshot data from Canvas
    • Octopus Bi has a really connection with Canvas using Canvas data 
    • The Dashboard is still a work in progress 
    • Roddy from Saint Ignatius College Geelong shared how they are using Blueprints to create course templates