Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Instructors

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How can I see my course like a participant?

You need to use "Student View."  Go to Settings in the left-hand navigation. Then choose theStudent View button in the right-hand panel.  For more information see the following Guides:


How can I see how many students are enrolled in the course?

Instructors can view the list of people in their course by clicking on the People Tab in the course menu. Even if you have customized your course menu and hidden the People tab from students, you always have access to it as a the instructor. See the Guide Who are the People in the course? for more information.


How can I add a designer or TA to my course?

In your Canvas Network course shell, the Teacher and/or Designer may add additional teachers, designers, observers, or TAs to the course. Note teachers and designers may not add participants to a course. To add a user, first go to the Left-hand navigation and choose People. Then click the Add Users button.You can add users by pasting their email address into the designated box. Make sure to choose the appropriate role for the user in the dropdown menu. Click Next and then Add Users to add them to your course. They will automatically receive an invitation to participate in your course.For more information see this Guide: How do I add a designer to my course?


How can a student drop a Canvas Network course?

A student who enrolled via the public course page at can only drop a Canvas Network course while it is in progress (between the course start date and end date).Send students to the Guide: How do I drop a Canvas Network course? for instructions.This information is also included in the Canvas User Orientation.


What web browser should I use?

For the most recent browsers that Canvas supports see the Guide, Which Browsers does Canvas Support?


I can't seem to access a video, what should I do?

First, make sure you are using a supported browser or app. Then check your browser security setting (see the section Browser Security Settings in the Guide Which Browsers does Canvas Support? If you cannot solve the issue or you are working with a participant who cannot solve this issue by using available resources you can contact the Canvas Network Instructional Designer assigned to you or you can reach the team at Be sure to include the following information (it often means asking the student questions about what happened before contacting us).

  • The name of the student and the date/time they reported the issue to you
  • What content where they looking at and what were they trying to do? ie.
    • Navigate to a Page from Modules
    • View a video in a Page
    • Access interactive or embedded web content
    • Complete a Quiz
    • Post to a discussion
    • etc
  • Is this the first time they had issues accessing content in your course, or have they experienced the same of different issues in the past?


How much file storage do users have?

Each course in Canvas Network is allocated 5 GB of space. If you find that you'll be needing more space, email the Canvas Network Instructional Designer assigned to you. NOTE: When you import content into the course, your course may inherit the standard 500 MB that is usually allotted to Canvas courses. If this happens, let us know so that we can change it back.Video and audio uploads to Canvas through the media tool can be up to 500 MB in size. If you have videos larger than this, you have two choices: 1. Load the videos through the Files area. Then bring them into the course pages using the Files panel on the right. 2. Find another way to host these videos. Here are some suggestions:

  • Load the videos to YouTube (you can keep them unlisted and out of the search indexes)
  • Use a 3rd-party service like Screencast
  • Use a server at your own institution to host and stream the videos

Media comments that are recorded directly in Canvas do not count towards personal or course storage quotas.

The user file quota for Canvas Network is 250 MB. Files like profile pictures, files loaded into your personal Canvas storage, or uploaded as part of assignments count against this quota.  If a student has reached the quota, they will not be stopped from uploading further files as part of assignments, but further file storage in their personal space will be restricted. Files that you load to your course do not count towards your personal file quota.

Canvas Guide: What types of media files can be uploaded into Canvas?


How do I customize the Left-Hand Course Navigation?

A common step in the initial course design and development process is to customize the course menu. Each course has a menu - or navigation tabs - on the left side. The tabs that are visible by default contain links to different common elements of the course, such as Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions. There are also tabs to unique Canvas content, such as Conferences and Collaborations.


To modify your course menu, you can hide some of the tabs from students. Many instructors hide the tabs for tools they do not plan to use in in a particular course, while others hide navigational tabs, such as hiding the Files and Pages tabs in favor of having students use the Modules tab. You can modify your course menu at any time.