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Community-Created Course Templates

The following course templates are public domain. They can either be downloaded from this page and/or imported directly into a course via Commons (keyword search = templates). [NOTE: The advantage of import via Commons means being notified of any updates/changes to these templates.]



[TMPLT-001] Self-Guided Course



This template is designed to be self-guided, self-paced course. It shouldn't require any facilitation or moderation. Students/Participants should be able to self-enroll in this course and progress through the modules at their own leisure.


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[TMPLT-002] Modular Student-centric Course



This template is designed to facilitate online or hybrid courses. It includes in-page navigation and a modular structure to support the delivery of an 18-week course. As this is a template, it can easily be customized to a shorter course duration. The course includes various correspondence methods and front page templates. This template also emphasizes transparency with and a focus on clearly outlining weekly assignments and events within the course. Students will love it!


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[TMPLT-003] One Program; Multiple Short Courses


This course leverages one Canvas course shell to deliver and facilitate multiple short courses. This template could be effectively used for programs that require participants or students to complete a series of courses to achieve program completion (earn certificate).


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[TMPLT-004] Multi-Subject, in page Navigation


This template is designed to be used a course site for content delivery and communication (not to facilitate interactive activities or accept assignments submissions online). The main purpose of this template is to leverage Canvas as a site to provide students (and parents) classroom handouts and resources, deliver announcements, and share grade updates.


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Want more templates?

View and/or download the variety of templates created by District School Board of Pasco County

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