Tips and Tricks for Adoption Higher Ed.

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Top 10 things to think about when introducing or migrating to Canvas.  Including customer examples of scaffolding a strong Canvas foundation for deployment and adoption.

Teacher Professional Development


Ongoing and meaningful PD in Canvas will allow your teachers to experience what it is like to be a student in the platform.  Being a student in the environment they teach from will accelerate their learning and facilitate ideas on how to effectively design the courses for their classrooms



Leverage Early Adopters as “Trainers”


By piloting the first semester with ~30 different instructors with various backgrounds, they can then become the “experts” and “faculty mentors.”  Include varying levels of instructors with different class structures to broaden the audience. 



Set Expectations for Consistency


Canvas is really a Canvas.  It is important to set expectations for course homepage and navigation to create consistency for the student experience.



Making Design Easier, Providing Template Resources


Providing teachers with design templates and buttons will help overcome the hurdle of getting started in a new environment.



Marketing & Advertising


Let your instructors and students know that the change is happening.  Create a Website countdown clock, create info graphics for students and instructors, create stickers for coffee cups, or set up a booth at student events and fairs on campus.



Vocabulary Lessons


With a new system comes new terms.  Providing answers and workarounds to what use to be or formerly looked like provides greater understanding and adoption of more users. 



Get Creative!


When introducing an LMS or the change to the current LMS, approach this in a more creative and engaging way.  Create challenges with achievements and badges; offer a boot camp for all instructors no matter the level.  Give all of your instructors a Sandbox or Master Template course to design in without the stress of students seeing. 



Deepen Usage and Knowledge

Once instructors are in Canvas, help them to leverage the tools of Canvas.  Make sure they have become acquainted with the rich features and the student engagement tools.



“Training Wheels” Continual Support of Faculty & Staff


Continue Instructor support by holding refresher courses annually and update enhancement tutorials with faculty to encourage continual professional development.  Create something catchy and unique to your institution: “Friday Forums”, “Drop-in sessions”, “Tech Talk 21” (21 minute or less webinar in Canvas to enhance usage), “2 Minute Canvas tips & tricks.”



Celebrate the Success


Showcasing your champion teachers and what good looks like in your institution will excite others to try Canvas.  Consider using your film students to record the faculty and their peers on how Canvas has changed their teacher and learning.  Sharing these successes will spread momentum like wildfire.



Ideas & Resources from Other Canvas Users


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