How do I submit an event in the Community?

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Community members can create events anywhere the events feature is enabled. Most groups and the Conferences and Events area have 'events' tool enabled.


Click on the 'Events' link.


The Events link is located in the 'actions' drop-down menu. Places like Conferences and Events click on the 'submit an event' button.



Fill out the details of your event.


Feel free to include as many or as little details about the event as you see fit. From event URLs to contact names to location to tags. Anything to help promote and bring awareness to an event is acceptable.

  1. Add a Banner (optional) -- see below for additional details.
  2. Title
  3. Event Date/Time
  4. Location
  5. Description

Add additional tags.

Tagging can help users search the community by keywords.

Click 'Create event' to publish your event.



Steps to Add Images to Events

STEP 1: Get Your Image

The most important thing to consider when adding banner images to your blog posts and events are the dimensions of the image you will add. Ideally you have a high resolution image in mind, that you would like to use. You can also use great online resources to find awesome (non-cheesy) stock art. Here are some of my favorite sources to find stunning imagery, most of which are free for commercial use and do not require attribution:

  4. Stock Up - 13,000+ Free Stock Photos


STEP 2: Crop Your Image

After you've determined the image you'd like to use you, you'll need to crop it to the optimal dimensions of 1280px (width) by 400px (height). Here's a great tool (Fotor) that you can use to crop images online without having to use a more powerful, yet complex app like Photoshop or the similar free/open source editor, GIMP.Here's a video to show you how to crop a high res photo, using Fotor:Direct Video Link: Blog and Event Banner Specifications for Jive - YouTube

STEP 3: Add Your Image to the Event

  1. Click the "Add a banner image" link right above the title of the Event or Blog
  2. Choose the file that you have cropped to dimension ratio of 1280x400 pixels
  3. Leave the position selection as "Centered" (or feel free to try other positions to see if you prefer the other look/feel)

    Create a new blog post  Bridge Community 2016-04-27 18-34-06.png
  4. Once selected, your image will be applied!
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