Integration With Skyward SIS

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Skyward is one of the leading K12 SIS vendors in the US market.  Today, integrations between Skyward and Canvas involve scripts to bring data back and forth and require some manual intervention.  Skyward is currently developing a set of REST based apis to allow a richer interaction with LMS’s like Canvas, including grade and assignment synchronization.  Enrollment sync may occur via other means, however grade pass back needs to be accomplished via the new Skyward apis. 


User goals

As a teacher, I want to:

  • Replicate Assignments from Canvas in Skyward
    • Assignments marked for posting to the SIS are retrieved from Canvas
    • Assignments from Canvas are manipulated into a format suitable for transmission to Skyward’s API
    • Due date differentiation by Section is accounted for in the transmission of assignments to skyward.
    • include rubrics in assignment definitions
    • matching up assignment categories in Skyward gradebook with Canvas
  • See assignments in Skyward populated with data from the Canvas gradebook
    • support fractional result scores
    • support extra credit assignments


We plan to begin work on this before the end of 2015; we hope to deliver it ideally before the end of the 2015-2016 school year.