What is the difference between a blog and a document in Community Groups?

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Community members can contribute comments, start discussions and ask questions (and in some areas, create ideas) in almost all parts of the community. Additionally, members have more content creation tools within Canvas Community Groups. These include, blogging, document creation, file uploads, videos, polls, events... and more (or less) depending on the purpose of the group.


Read on to learn about the key differences between a group blog and a resource document in the Canvas Community groups.




What is a group blog?


A group blog is a series of posts, written by different members of a group, that share various ideas, thoughts or opinions about topics related to that group. Members can freely write about topics they feel passionate about.


How do I author a blog post?


On the group's home page, click on the 'Actions' drop-down bar menu or look under the 'Share a Resource' list (on the left) and click the text related to blog post.



Add title, text and tags. (Choose to post-date your post, if you do not wish to publish immediately). Then, hit post. For a more detailed, step-by-step guide, check out How do I create a blog post in the Community? 


What are the benefits of blogging?


Blogging keeps the conversations timely and dynamic. They give members a greater platform to share their thoughts, inspire conversations and generate greater ideas (beyond what an open-ended discussions might do). You can easily 'follow' (subscribe) to a group's blog and get all the latest and greatest updates from anyone who posts!


Check out these examples of great member blog posts:


What is a group document?


Resource documents are intended to provide a series of how-to steps or processes or be a great source of information (a bit more comprehensive than blogs). Similar to Canvas Guides, documents may include anything from alternative solutions (or workarounds) to deep dives into a Canvas functionality or feature.


How do I author a resource document?


Similar to blog posts, click on the 'Actions' drop-down bar menu or look under the 'Share a Resource' list (on the left) and click the text related to documents.



What are the benefits of documents?


Unlike blog posts, documents have a bit more functionality. For one, you can co-author or collaborate on documents (aka have several authors). And two, documents have versioning (which is why they serve great as information or resource files... as Canvas changes, you can update the document. Anyone following the document will be notified of the version changes!


Check out these examples of great resource documents:


Points and Badges!


Because blogs and documents help showcase your reputation as a Canvas expert and build resources in the community, we absolutely reward these efforts. Check out What is the Canvas Community Reward System? to learn more about ways contributing members will benefit from authoring content, such as blogs and documents.

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