How do I Open Canvas Data File in Microsoft Excel?

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This guide will help admins open Canvas Data file in Microsoft Excel. [NOTE: These files are those downloaded from the Canvas Data package, not the paid Managed Data Redshift files.]


1. Select the Finished Date data to download.

The top date is the most current, but sometimes you may want to download data from a different date.

Click the corresponding "Download Files" link from the Canvas Data Portal application in your account.



2. Select the Canvas Data file that corresponds with the data set needed and click 'Download'.

At this time you can't bulk download, so you'll have to select the data based on the fact or dimension of interest.

3. Unzip the downloaded .gz file.

Locate the folder where you downloaded the .gz file and double click the file. Another file with the same name will be created-this is your unzipped data file.


4. Open Excel and choose File > Import... from the menu bar.


5. Choose "Text file" from the options and click 'Import' button.


You may need to append .txt to the end of the file you downloaded to see it appear on the dialog screen.

6. Choose the unzipped data file in the dialog box and click "Get Data".

You may have to change to "All Files" in the drop-down marked "Enable" before you're allowed to select your file.


7. Choose "Delimited" then click 'Next >' button.


8. Check the 'Tab' box then click 'Next >' button.



9. Highlight all rows in the 'Data preview' section at the bottom of the prompt window.

On a Mac, you do this by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the first and last rows in the "Data preview" section.



10. Select the 'Text' checkbox and then click 'Finish' button.

11. Select the locate where the data should go.

Most often, the default choice "Existing sheet" is the correct setting, but you might want to insert the data in a new sheet.

Click "OK" when you're satisfied with your choice.


NOTE: If needed, you may want to highlight all data in the sheet and format the cells to include "0" decimal places for sheets with numerical data.

NOTE: In order for headers not to interfere with queries, they do not show in the spreadsheet. You will need to refer to data table guide in the docs for header information. You can find header information here or your Canvas Data portal —> Schema docs.

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