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Instructors who utilize math in their subject area and teaching (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, etc) often experience different issues when using Canvas than other Instructors. This document was created to provide a comprehensive list of discussions, resources, and other useful information from the Community that are related to using Math in Canvas. If you have a suggestion for a resource that should be added, please add it as a comment so I can add it to the list!


How do Math Faculty Use Canvas?

Math Faculty use?

Re: Math Assignments/Tests on Canvas

How do you use Canvas for math homework assignments?

Equation Editor

Re: Curly Brackets

Re: Using the Math Equation Editor.

Numerical Questions and Fraction Answers

Writing exponents in the answer choices for a quiz

Equation Generator for Quiz Answers

Making a matrix on a quiz

List of function available for use in Formula Questions

Write out Math Equations (for student submissions)

Ability to write out math equations on a tablet and submit through Canvas?

Entering equation as answer

Submit Handwritten Work to Canvas using CamScanner App 

Plot points on a number line?Re: Math Quizzes
Formula Questions

Re: Quiz Question Complex Formula

Looking Up Values in Formula Questions

conditional statements when calculating and answer

Open Education Resources (OER)The Book of Math
Matching QuestionsMath expressions in matching question
Precision SettingsRe: Precision and exponents in quiz
AccessibilityHELP!! - Math and Jaws
Additional ResourcesGeogebra in Canvas
Feature Ideas

Exact Numerical answers

Small SMALL numbers

Numerical Answer questions need to allow regrade option

Hotkey for LaTeX code/math symbol generation.

Hand-written input for assignments and quizzes.

De-clutter the formula question

New Quizzes: Allow Rich Content editing for fill in the blank

Mobile APP Equation Editor

Add an app that allows students to draw a line on a graph

Rounding in a Formula Quiz Question: Thoughts?

New Quizzes: Multiple Answers in a Formula Question

allow significant figures for error margin on formula questions

* Fill in the blank questions with in-text blank for answer

Need to be able to embed variables in the Math Editor for Formula Questions

RCE in numerical question responses

Option to check for mathematical equivalency in quiz answers

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