Grading Scheme "Name" field: Make it bigger!

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I stumbled on a really neat trick this afternoon, and since I had to make a short video of it for my course content, I thought it would be helpful to share here.



  • The Grading Scheme "Name" field is only 35px wide
  • When gamifying a course, it is often desire able to add Levels with names that are longer than 35 px
  • Typing into the Grading Scheme "Name" field is difficult when you can only see a letter or two at a time



So lets do a little hacking errr, ummm....



To make this:



Look like this:



Video Link

Hack Canvas Grading Scheme Name box code - YouTube


Feel free to watch at full-size, all that text makes it hard to see when the video is so small!



  1. Right click on the "Name" box
  2. Select "Inspect"
  3. Directly modify the code for the browser to change the length to 200px
  4. This is temporary ;p