Canvas Beta Release Notes (2016-05-02)

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In this beta release, Canvas has a new feature in the Theme Editor. Updates are also available in Groups, the Dashboard, Grades, Terms, and several APIs.


Beta features are subject to change based on user feedback and testing.


Unless otherwise mentioned, features apply to both the current and new Canvas user interface. On July 9, 2016, the new Canvas user interface will no longer be a feature option in Canvas and will be enabled for all institutions.


The beta environment is for testing new and updated features, which are subject to change based on user feedback. Learn more about Canvas Beta.


  New Features



Theme Editor

Badge Text

In the Theme Editor, admins can set a value for the text color in the Nav Badge. The Nav Badge is the Global Navigation Inbox icon.


Located in the Global Navigation Theme Editor section, the Nav Badge Text option allows admins to choose a complimentary color for the text number that appears in the middle of the Nav Badge. This feature allows admins to change the color of the text when the default theme text conflicts with the color of the badge itself.





  Updated Features



Groups Page Updates

The Groups page design has been redesigned to incorporate the styles used in the Dashboard. The page displays all group details in a column format for easier readability. This change mostly affects the new Canvas UI; the legacy UI design only adds page headings to show each column type.

Note: Currently the Groups page does not display course nicknames.





  Other Updates




To Do Ignore Icon Alignment

The To Do list notification aligns with the To Do item text, and the Ignore icon does not overlap items with long names.


Courses Notification Icon Alignment

The notification indicator for a course card have been aligned to the right of the notification icon.





Concluded and Inactive Enrollment Setting Persistence

When an instructor enables or disables the setting to view concluded and/or inactive enrollments for a course Gradebook, the enrollments view persists between Canvas sessions and browsers. Gradebook settings are set on a course-by-course basis.



User Count Removal

This feature was deployed to the production environment on May 2.

In the Terms page, each term no longer shows the number of enrolled users.


release-notes-bug-fix-icon.png This feature resolves a fixed bug in Canvas:

When an admin tried to view the Terms page, the page timed out if the institution included a large number of enrollments because the page was trying to calculate the number of all enrolled users. Canvas code has been updated to remove the user count for each term in the Terms page. The enrollment count will be replaced with a performance enhancement in available in a future release.







For details about using Canvas APIs, please see


Courses API

In the Courses API, users can update a course and set the action for each course with the event parameter. Supported events include claim, offer, conclude, delete, and undelete.


Outcome Groups API

This feature was deployed to the production environment on May 4.

In the Outcome Groups API, users can list linked outcomes and view each outcome style with the outcome_style parameter. Additional outcome information includes the description, points possible, mastery points, and ratings.


Users API

In the Users API, admins can split merged users into separate users. If there are multiple users that have been merged into one user it will split each merge into a separate user. A split can only happen within 90 days of a user merge. A user merge deletes the previous user and may be permanently deleted. Other restrictions are included in the API documentation for splitting merged users.

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