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What are CanvasLIVE 24/7 Chatrooms?


Chatrooms are 'open forums' for community members to hangout and chat. People can discuss any topic or post any question in a dynamic, interactive environment. Charooms are available 24/7. They are totally community-driven spaces. While you may find Instructure employees lurking or participating in the forums (just like you would across other parts of the community), most of the conversations are for/by other Canvas users.


Right now, chatrooms require a separate "Ryver" account...


Need an account?


Already have an account?



NOTE: If you are looking for official Canvas Support, please go through the proper support channels for your organization or use the Find Answers space.


How do I participate in a Chatroom?


  1. Click on the name of your OPEN FORUM (on the left sidebar)

  2. Type your message in the textbox at the bottom of the main chat window

  3. Click the ‘return key’ or hit ‘Send’ button to add to the chat

NOTE: By default, all members are part of the open forum called CanvasLIVE Chat 24/7.

How do I promote chat messages to a Post?


What's a post? And what does it mean to 'promote' it. Let's break it down. Chats can be crazy. Often there are simultaneous and overlapping conversations unfolding before your eyes. Have you ever had something come up in chat that you either wanted to convert into a more threaded discussion thread? Well, that's what PROMOTE does. It takes a series of one or more chat messages and promotes a copy of the selected chat transcript as a POST to that open forum. Kinda like 'pinning' or 'bookmarking' something... except you can continue the discussion with a bit more focus.


Things you might want to promote:

  • Any message that includes a cool resource (link, file, image, etc.)
  • Any message or group of messages where there's a neat solution or work-around to a question or issue
  • Any message related to an upcoming CanvasLIVE event in which you're hosting or participating
  • Anything you want people in the chatroom to reference and/or expand upon...


Here are some how-to guides from RYVER's documentation that might help with creating and leveraging posts:


How do I search for other Chatrooms?


  1. Click on OPEN FORUMS
    The number in (X) will indicate how many open forums currently exist

  2. Choose from a list of 'Active Forums' by clicking on the forum name, which will take you to that chatroom


How do I create a Chatroom?


Most active members in the chatrooms have the ability to create an open chatroom (be sure to search existing forums before creating your own, though, in case a similar one already exists).

  1. Click on the OPEN FORUMS and select “New Forum” button, follow the prompts

          - OR -

  1. Click “Create forum” from the left side-bar and follow the pop-up prompts



NOTE: If you do not have this ability, please reach out to to inquire about adding this permission.


How do I access CanvasLIVE Chatrooms on my mobile?


Leveraging the mobile app can keep you more connected to community resources and offer faster just-in-time feedback or advice! CanvasLIVE chatrooms are hosted on a platform called Ryver, which has an app for iOS and Android. Do a search for 'Ryver' and download the app.


Sign into the instance of Ryver called



Considerations for Chat


The Canvas Community guidelines still apply, whether you're in the open forums or elsewhere in the community. But keep in mind the following considerations, as well:


  • This is NOT an official Canvas Support chat portal. If you're looking for official support, please use the proper channels at your school or go to Find Answers
  • Chatrooms that are inactive and/or have 1 user (for an extended period of time) may be archived by the Community Team
  • No bullying. Period.


Additional Resources


Go to if you want more support resources related to Ryver.


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