How do I set up a CanvasLIVE event?

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Any community member can promote an on-site event (conferences, workshops, etc.) or set-up an online event (presentations, meet-ups, etc.) in CanvasLIVE. Don't know what to host? Check out past events to see what's already been done!


Otherwise, follow these simple steps:


Setting Up Your Event


CanvasLIVE has many different event types to choose from. Click to learn more about the CanvasLIVE event types. Click on ONLINE or ON-SITE tab, depending one whether you're creating an online event or sharing an off-site event. Then click on blue button. And, follow the prompts!




NOTE: Please do not host event topics related to features that are in still in closed beta. Focus Groups exist for these kinds of interactions.


Promote, Promote, Promote!


As soon as you post an event, most members who follow the CanvasLIVE space will be notified of a 'new' event. However, you may want to do some targeted promotion to help others know about the cool things you'll share.


Here are some tips:

  • Invite people to the event (click on the 'invite people' button) and select folks you think might be interested in attending.
  • Search the past events in CanvasLIVE for similar topics and comment on those events by @mentioning your event - it's likely that those who RSVPed to previous similar events might be interested in attending yours. Commenting on an event will also notify those who RSVPed to that event.
  • Post on Social Media. If you are on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook... promote your event there, if it's the right audience.
  • Post internally within your organization or school. We've had some members share events in a school newsletter or calendar. 


Tips on hosting a successful event


Every event is different. But the following guidelines can help make any CanvasLIVE event successful - whether it's online or on-site:


  • Start with a welcome and housekeeping items (how to ask questions, where to find the mute, etc.)
  • Outline objectives at the beginning (and review at the end).
  • Be mindful not compromise any (student or faculty) identities during your event.
  • Practice or do a 'dry run' to refine your delivery.
  • Pause frequently to poll your audience for questions and comments.
  • Stay focused on the main topic.
  • Provide examples, examples, examples! People want to see things applied in practice!
  • Don’t worry about the event being perfect. (We’re just excited that you’re here sharing!)
  • Live screenshares are better than screenshots, when possible.
  • Identify 3rd party application costs up-front. (If you're demoing an LTI integration with Canvas, be sure to tell us if it's paid or free).
  • Test your technology ahead of time (i.e., check mics, wifi, screenshare, etc.)


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out directly to We are here to help you be awesome!

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