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Mobile devices provide several options for creating new media and uploading existing media in Canvas mobile apps. However, depending on the app and device, users may experience limitations with media creation.


General Information

Canvas mobile apps support media files up to 500 MB. The file limit can be reached a number of ways, depending on recording length, frames per second, resolution, and compression/file type. Before uploading a mobile media file to the app, check your device’s settings and size information to ensure the file will upload successfully. For example, depending on the file format (i.e. MPEG4, MOV, etc.), one minute of video could be approximately 60 MB with 720p HD, or 350 MB with 4K.

  • The Android app uploads files according to original file size, while the iOS app compresses videos for faster uploads. 
  • Mobile media uploads are dependent on internet connections, cellular network speeds, and the number of apps in use on a device (approx. 10 minutes max). Upload failures display an error.


Android Devices

Media file size information is based on your media app and manufacturer. To view specific file details and size information, visit your Gallery.

    • If a file fails to upload, the notification drawer will display an error message. Additionally, if the user has remained on the media upload screen, the Canvas by Instructure app will display a toast notification upon failure.


iOS Devices

To view media file size information on your iOS device, open Settings, then select the Photos and Camera option.

    • If you navigate away from the upload screen while an upload is in progress, the upload will be cancelled. While on the upload screen, if a file fails to upload, an error will display.


To view the specifics for media in the Canvas by Instructure app and SpeedGrader app, please see the Canvas (Mobile) section in the Canvas Media Comparison PDF document.


Mobile Best Practices

  • To prevent the loss of any media files, record your video using your device’s default camera or media app, and save to your device. Then upload the recording to the app.
  • Keep any video files intended for upload below 500 MB.
  • Make sure you have a strong internet and/or cellular network connection established. Data rates may apply.
  • During upload, avoid multitasking on your device (i.e. opening other apps on your phone after beginning an upload).


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