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How do I use Adobe Connect for my Subscription Training webinar?

All of our Subscription Training webinars are held in Adobe Connect. Here are some tips that should help you!

  1. Test your meeting connection and see if your computer is ready to use Adobe Connect by clicking here
  2. You will be able to join the Adobe Connect room and hear the audio either with the speakers on your computer or through your telephone. The audio conference will be set up by the Canvas trainer giving the session. You can choose to join it by calling in, or you can have the room call you. Click here to learn more about connecting your audio in Adobe Connect meetings. 

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Do I need a Canvas account before I come to a webinar training session?

If your institution is just getting started with Canvas and you don't have an account just yet, you can follow along with us during a webinar session using a Free for Teachers account. 

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How can I follow along in the webinar and in Canvas at the same time?

If you are working on one computer screen, then we recommend that you log in to the Adobe Connect webinar room in one browser window, and Canvas in another browser window. This will allow you to switch between the webinar and the interactive activities. 

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What is a Sandbox, and do I need one?

We recommend that every Canvas instructor have a Sandbox course - a place to try out new things while they are learning Canvas. If you are able to create new courses in Canvas, go ahead and make one for yourself. If you don't have that ability, ask your Canvas Administrator at your school to make one for you!

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How do I access my institution's Canvas account?

Each institution has a unique address for accessing Canvas. The naming convention for access is typically If you are not sure, contact the person at your institution who is handling your Canvas project (also know as your Canvas Administrator)!

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What are some common Canvas terms I might need to know?

We have created a collection of Canvas terms that you will hear as you're just getting started in Canvas. Click here to check them out!

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How do I sign up for a webinar training session?

Please Note: Training can ONLY be accessed if your school has purchased subscription training. If you accessed the portal without hearing from your admin that training was available to you, you may not have access, meaning the calendar will be blank when you try to log in. 


Make sure you follow these steps to sign up for sessions! (You can check out a handout of these instructions here!)

  1. Navigate to our Event Portal at 
  2. Create an account here, if you have not already completed this step. Create an account at this link: Instructure Events . IMPORTANT: sign up using your institutional email address or we won't recognize you as authorized user!
  3. Once you have created an account, be sure to sign in.
  4. Click "Calendar" or "Browse by Category" to find events and sign up.

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How do I cancel a webinar training session?

Navigate to our Event Portal at  and sign in. You will then be able to see your sessions for which you've registered under "My Events." You can select the session you want and cancel from here.

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When do sessions get canceled?

It is very rare that a session is canceled. It only happens for one of two reasons:

  1. There is a severe technology outage that would impact the trainers' ability to provide the content. In these instances, we will make every attempt to contact the attendees or find a way to let them know what is occurring. 
  2. If no participants come to the session. In this instance, the trainers wait 10 minutes, and then close the room. After 10 minutes, we simply to not have enough time to cover the content for the session. In most instances, we will attempt to post a message to any attendees who come late to the session, letting them know that the session is no longer being held. 

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Are the webinar training sessions recorded?

Canvas's Training Team has designed each of the training sessions to be interactive. Sessions are hands-on, with activities for participants, and opportunities to ask questions during the presentations. Therefore, we do not record the sessions, with the exception of those in the Welcome to Canvas Series - "First Look" and "Course Basics." We welcome participants to come as often as needed, ask questions, and learn from the other participants and trainers!

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Why can't I see any sessions in the Training calendar?

Be sure you have created an account using your institutional email address, and that you are signed in there.


Please Note: Training can ONLY be accessed if your school has purchased subscription training. If you accessed the portal without hearing from your admin that training was available to you, you may not have access, meaning the calendar will be blank when you try to log in. 


If you know you should have access, please try clearing your cache and cookies and log in using Chrome. 


If you still see no trainings, please reach out to your CSM (this may have to go through your school's Canvas admin), as it is likely an issue we have to resolve from our end. 

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How can I access the session if I don't get a confirmation email?

First, check your Spam folder. The session confirmation email might have landed there.

Second, know that you can access your sessions and the links to the rooms through the Training site. At the time the session starts, you'll see a "launch now" option next to the class in your list of registrations. 


What is your digital badge program all about?

We offer digital badges for all of our Subscription Training webinar sessions. It's a way for our webinar participants to show off what they've learned. Check out our Getting Started with Training Badges documentation to learn more about it! Click here to see all of the digital badges we currently offer, including some Special Edition badges! 

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Which sessions award digital badges?

All Subscription Training webinar sessions now offer a digital badge. 

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Where do I display my digital badges?

Digital badges are awarded through Credly. In order to accept and display your badges, you will need a Credly account. Click here for step-by-step instructions. You can display them in your Credly account, or export them from Credly and share in a variety of ways.

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We're sorry to hear that! You can fill out this form and we will fix that for you. 

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Do you offer Canvas certification?

We currently do not offer a Canvas certification program.

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