Survey Results for Analytics 2.0: Teacher & Student

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Thank you to the 4,082 students, teachers, and instructional designers that participated in the Analytics 2.0 prioritization of use case, survey!  


The breakdown of participants, and their prioritization of use cases, is as follows:


Sample Size
  • 3,239 Students
  • 764 Teachers
  • 79 Instructional Designers


Top Use Cases, Student
  • As a student, I want to explore how I'm doing across all my courses from a single page, so that I know where to focus my attention.
  • As a student, I want to understand my overall progress across all of my courses so I know which courses to spend time on, or if I'm going to be successful this semester.
  • As a student, in courses that use Modules to organize activities, I want to quickly understand how much of my course I have "completed" relative to what's left to do, so that I can feel assured I'm on-track for the semester or return to Modules that I haven't completed.


Top Use Cases, Teacher/Instructional Designer
  • As a teacher, I need a way to quickly identify students that may be struggling in my course, so that I can give them attention and resources to succeed.
  • As a teacher, I need to be able to quickly message my students about their performance in the course, based on specific data points, so that they can course-correct sooner.
  • As a teacher, I want to know each and every part of my course is being used by students, so that I can identify course design elements that are unused, useful, problematic, or useless.
  • As a teacher, I want Canvas to tell me which students are at-risk of failing the course, so I can reach out to them and help them get on track.
  • As a teacher, I want to know how "engaged" each student is, so I can get a sense of whether or not they are working sufficiently in the course and better understand their performance.
  • As a teacher, I want to know whether specific student(s) has viewed part(s) of the course, and how much time they spent, so I can respond appropriately to student conflicts such as grade protests, cheating, etc.
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