Gradebook Enhancements: Design Rationale

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Extensive research has resulted in a long list of opportunities for improvement. This project addresses the most foundational items (phase 1) and then builds on those in phase 2 to elevate the user experience of Gradebook.



  1. More intuitive Organization: Organize the gradebook menus and options in a way that is more intuitive, requires less navigating away from the gradebook to manage settings and gives the instructor more flexibility to organize things in ways that make sense to them.
  2. Save Time by Automating More: Address some major feature gaps that require a lot of extra, time consuming work for instructors.
  3. Increase Flexibility: We'll be helping instructors be more accurate in the representation of grades in Canvas (hopefully returning trust to Canvas grades) by allowing instructors to have more control over pieces of grading than they've had before.
  4. Communication with our users: We want to make it easier to understand what is really happening in your gradebook.


User Benefit


Phase 1:

  1. Add an Intuitive drop down menus with clear options for:
    • download spreadsheet of grades, or sis sync
    • toggling between Learning Mastery Gradebook, Individual (Screenreader) Gradebook, and accessing Grading History
    • showing or hiding the notes column and unpublished assignments
    • sorting gradebook columns
    • sorting my list of students
  2. Create the ability for manual identification and dismissal of late or missing assignments, and make it easier to locate and identify trends.
  3. Create a the ability for instructors to select their own gradebook cell identification colors.
  4. Create the ability for instructors to sort the gradebook by module display, not just assignment group or due date.
  5. Allow instructors to select the mode in which they enter grades, no matter the selected display for students.


Phase 2:

  1. Create the ability to add grades and comments inline, without having to click save repeatedly.
  2. Add crosshairs and highlighting when moving through the gradebook.
  3. Develop a more intuitive way to view the current and final grade for a student.
  4. Allow the resizing of the total column in the gradebook.
  5. Create the ability for an instructor to perform a final grade adjustment.
  6. Add the ability to collapse assignment columns.
  7. Expand "Message Students Who" for gradebook totals.
  8. Allow an instructor to turn off automatic calculation and perform manual grade entry.
  9. Allow instructors to add more notes columns, and export those columns.
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