How do I masquerade as a user in the Canvas Student app on my Android phone?

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Masquerading, or becoming a user, allows admins to login as the user without a password. You can take any action as though you are the user but the audit logs will show that you performed the tasks while masquerading. Only admins with the correct permissions can masquerade as other users.

Note: When masquerading as a user, language preferences do not apply and will always be shown in the default language.

Open User Navigation Menu

Open Course

On the dashboard, open the User Navigation Menu.

Open Settings

Open Announcements

Tap the Settings icon.

Open Masquerade Feature

Open Masquerade Feature

In the toolbar of the Settings menu, double tap with two fingers.

Start Masquerading

Start Masquerading

In the User ID field, enter the Canvas ID number for the user [1]. In the Masquerade Domain field, enter the domain [2]. Tap the Start Masquerading button [2].

Find User ID

The user's Canvas ID can be found as part of the user's URL in the web version of Canvas. Make sure you have the user's ID associated with the correct Canvas URL (and the URL that you used to log in to the Canvas Student app).

Masquerade as User

Masquerade as User

Masquerade in Canvas as the user.

Stop Masquerading

Stop Masquerading

To stop masquerading, return to the Settings page and double tap the toolbar [1]. Then tap the Stop Masquerading button [2].

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