Using Qualtrics to Provide Low-Level Support to Faculty and Students

Created by Jason Hill on Oct 18, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016 at https://uvu.adobeconnect.com/canvaslive/

Starts at 10:00 AM · Ends at 10:30 AM, MDT (America/Denver)



I'm creating a 'Canvas Quick Help' tool that will enable faculty and students to quickly receive answers/tips to the most common questions my office receives and to submit requests.


For example, if a Teacher needs to add a TA to her course, she can enter her identifying information in this form, the student's information, and the course information (including the URL for the course). When the faculty member submits the form, an email is autogenerated that includes all of the needed information. The best part is that because the instructor included the URL for the course, I have Qualtrics set up to append '/users' to the end of it, so that when the link appears in my inbox, it's one click to go straight to the course roster and add the TA. I've got similar workflows in this project that makes it so I don't have to go searching for courses/users in Canvas - one click and boom! Qualtrics makes it so easy for any non-developer to create and manage these types of tools. I showed my boss, and she loved it. Now we're exploring ways to use a web services call to hit Banner and check if a user has a particular attribute - e.g., if a requested TA has recently signed a copy of our FERPA statement - this check would be necessary to do prior to adding the TA to the course in Canvas.



Participants who attend the session will learn...

  • How to use Qualtrics as a tool to provide low-level support for Canvas
  • How a support email appears in the Canvas Admin's inbox
  • Workflows to cover common requests from Faculty & Students
  • Email Triggers and Survey Flow


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