#CanvasTrivia (Special Education Day Edition)

Created by panda Administrator on Nov 14, 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016 at [Game Code = 866734]

Starts at 9:00 AM · Ends on Dec 3, 2016 at 9:00 AM, MDT (America/Denver)


The #CanvasTrivia is a quiz game series for all Canvas users within the Canvas Community. Our Community Panda launches a new set of trivia questions every Friday -- and players have a short window of opportunity to submit their answers!


This edition is dedicated to National Special Education Day. Special Education Day marks the anniversary of the United States's first federal special education law--signed into law on December 2, 1975. It is a day to reflect and reform. As you play Canvas Trivia, recall the ways Canvas supports accessibility and helps special education students engage and learn!


Play to win, but still play!

Players are rewarded for speed and accuracy, with an extra advantage for multiple correct answers in a row. The Top 10 players with the highest points will earn 50 points and a coveted spot in #CanvasTrivia (2016 Showdown Edition).


Game Instructions

  • RSVP 'yes' for this event. Those who RSVP will be notified immediately when the game code is available. (Otherwise, you'll have to keep refreshing this page.)
  • Players have 24 hours within which to launch the game. We don't care when you play, but once you start your official timer begins. Each question has 30-second time limit. And every game has about 10-20 questions. In other words, allow yourself at least 5 minutes of un-interrupted game play. 
  • Log into Quizizz ( in a web or mobile browser. When you're ready to play, use this link to submit your game code and answer the questions.

IMPORTANT: Use CANVAS ACCOUNT EMAIL as your Quizizz 'nickname' (i.e. It's the same email that is used to authenticate you into the Canvas Community, too. Basically, if we can't easily identify the winner(s) with username, then you may be disqualified.




How can I prepare for the questions?

If you use Canvas and lurk around in the community (ahem, Canvas Guides or Release Notes), you should have an advantage. But no guarantees...


Can we submit our own questions?

Absolutely! The Community Panda makes up questions, but also vets questions submitted by others, such as other Canvas employees, Canvas Coaches and Canvas users! Click here to submit your questions (and get a chance to earn extra points).


When will winners be announced?

By the next business day.


Will we get a copy of the questions at the end?

We will compile a set of questions and share them the community so you can play with your faculty and staff during your workshops, on-boarding and training sessions!


Any other advice?

Drink your coffee. Put your panda face on. And, bring it. Cuz it's ON!


Other Game Dates

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