#CanvasTrivia: Mobile Mania Edition (April 6)

Created by panda Administrator on Mar 28, 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017 at join.quizizz.com (Game Code = 320001)

Starts at 12:00 PM · Ends on Apr 7, 2017 at 12:00 PM, MDT (America/Denver)


The #CanvasTrivia game series is designed to test your Canvas and Community knowledge. Every Thursday at noon (MST), the Community Panda launches a set of trivia questions. Players have 24 hours to submit their answers. Winners get points and bragging rights!



Ryan Seilhamer

He's been researching and advocating for mobile use in teaching since 2010. He launched and currently co-facilitates the Canvas Mobile Users Group group since 2013.


Theme: Mobile Mania

When it comes to technology, the idea of not having to be tethered to one location is liberating. Going mobile means you can do a lot of cools stuff on-the-go, in the palm of your hand. Instructure has a handful of mobile apps, with more in the works! Do you know what each one does (or doesn't do)? Are you familiar with the differences between Canvas for iOS and Android, for instance? (Worth noting: Ryan likes to throw in a little mobile history in his trivia.)


Game Instructions

Please follow the following steps to ensure your score is properly accounted for!

  • RSVP 'yes' for each event. Those who RSVP will be notified immediately when the GAME CODE is available. (Otherwise, you'll have to keep refreshing the event page.)
  • Players have 24 HOURS within which to launch the game. We don't care when you play, but once you start your official timer begins. Each question has 30-second time limit. And every game has about 10-20 questions. In other words, allow yourself at least 5 minutes of un-interrupted game play.
  • Log into Quizizz (join.quizizz.com) on the web or mobile browser. When you're ready to play, use this link to submit your GAME CODE and answer the questions.
  • Be cool. Don't Cheat. Your first score counts. If you play multiple times under false names, you will be disqualified.

IMPORTANT: When prompted for a nickname, please use CANVAS ACCOUNT EMAIL (i.e. bob@school.edu). It's the same email that is used to authenticate you into the Canvas Community, too. Basically, if we can't easily identify the winner(s) with your username/school, then you may be disqualified.


Additional Resources

join.quizizz.com (Game Code = 320001)