Building a Library of Free Online Books

Created by Laura Gibbs on Mar 26, 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr4miAMb2bc

Starts at 1:00 PM · Ends at 1:20 PM, MDT (America/Denver)


Are you looking for a fun summer project? In Summer 2016, I built the "Freebookapalooza," a blog with free online books for my students, and it is now one of my most valuable and most used class resources. This demo introduces you to the main sources for free full-text online books, along with tips and tricks you can use to build your own Free Book Library blog for your own students, and then share the contents of that blog inside Canvas.

Contact Laura Gibbs in advance of the event with any questions or special requests.



Demo agenda:

  • Learn about sources for free online books.
  • Collect and organize those books in a blog.
  • Share your online book blog with your students in Canvas.


Additional Resources


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This is one of my Latin LOLCats:  Optimus magister bonus liber. The best teacher is a good book.


books are teachers