Partner Webinar: Disrupting Textbook Adoptions in K-8 Math and 3-12 ELA

Created by Partnership Team Employee on Apr 28, 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at REGISTER:

Starts at 11:00 AM · Ends at 12:00 PM, MDT (America/Denver)

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LearnZillion is blazing a new trail in K-12 education, breathing new life into tired curriculum adoption processes and classroom learning and teaching. In our super-connected world, teachers can be their own publishers and we see many great examples of how this is sparking learning and inspiring learners. Yet, we also see challenges as, for example, teachers may find a lesson that is engaging but isn’t high-quality or connected to the rest of the students’ learning pathways. We’ll share how LearnZillion’s math and English language arts content was developed by the nation’s top teachers and how we structured it to be rigorous, while engaging; easy to implement, yet comprehensive; and digital, yet still drawing on the expertise of the classroom teacher. LearnZillion’s Curriculum-as-a-Service model is the future of curriculum.



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