Partner Webinar: Automate your certificate issuing and sync your data using Canvas and Accredible

Created by Partnership Team Employee on Oct 3, 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at http://learn.accredible.com/accredible-and-canvas-integration-webinar

Starts at 10:15 AM · Ends at 10:45 AM, MST (America/Denver)

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Webinar Recording

Accredible and Canvas Integration Webinar - YouTube 



Our Accredible and Canvas LMS LTI integration makes it easy to issue certificates in Canvas and automatically sync data. It lets you automatically create credentials based on final score, grade or enrolment completion, create credential groups based upon course data, display the credential to a Canvas student, and much more. We cover all of it in this webinar.


Webinar Outline:

  1. A brief introduction to Accredible.
  2. What is a digital certificate, open badge and blockchain credential?
  3. The Canvas integration. Walking through how to:
  4. Automatically create credential groups based upon course data.
  5. Automatically authorize course teachers to manage credentials.
  6. Automatically create credentials based on final score, grade or enrolment completion.
  7. Automatically authorize students to update their credentials.
  8. Display the credential to a Canvas student.
  9. Using Accredible to manage credentials.
  10. Taking credentials further: marketing value & directories.



Accredible and Canvas Integration Webinar 


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