Partner Webinar: Manage, deliver, and optimize digital media quickly and securely through MediaAMP and Canvas

Created by Partnership Team Employee on Apr 19, 2018

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at

Starts at 10:15 AM · Ends at 10:45 AM, MDT (America/Denver)

  • ysmalls
  • Tammy Ellison
  • Patricia Wade
  • Partnership Team
  • Yahong Xu
  • Jonathan Tan
  • BU-CarrC Administrator
  • Eric Hansen
This session is part of the Canvas Partner Days, a recurring event (every other month) to highlight our awesome Canvas Partners (plus cool contests and swag giveaways)!



The Challenge:
Colleges & Universities are experiencing an increased need for anytime, anywhere, multi-modal learning, requiring a robust strategy for managing digital assets and streaming media effectively and securely.


The Solution:
MediaAMP allows you to give students what they want and what they need, providing educators and administrators an innovative content management platform that simplifies the discovery, management, and distribution of digital media.

With no limits on file types or size, MediaAMP allows faculty to upload, manage, and incorporate streaming media into courses directly within Canvas. Organization, presentation, and collaboration tools like Collections, Playlists and Commenting are seamlessly integrated within the Canvas experience you are familiar with.

We’ll overview the various ways educators are using content and how you can easily manage and share digital content within courses and elsewhere.




Partner Profile

The features discussed in this session may require additional paid services of a 3rd party provider. Please check out MediaAMP | Instructure Partner Directory for more information.


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