Partner Webinar: Increase Student Engagement, Learning Outcomes and Retention with PlayPosit's Interactive Video & Audio Platform

Created by Partnership Team Employee on Apr 19, 2018

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at

Starts at 3:00 PM · Ends at 3:30 PM, MDT (America/Denver)

  • Kori Schneider
  • Misty Gonzales
  • Tammy Ellison
  • Tye Durbin
  • Partnership Team
  • Vivian Nguyen
  • Kristin Marengo
  • Lee Fent
  • Lena A Talbott
This session is part of the Canvas Partner Days, a recurring event (every other month) to highlight our awesome Canvas Partners (plus cool contests and swag giveaways)!


With PlayPosit, instructors and instructional designers harness the power of interactive video and audio for online and synchronous instruction easily, accountably and with data in the driver’s seat. Learn how to create immersive learning experiences utilizing discussion forums, personalized learning paths, embedded activities in the timeline in less than 10 min. On the other hand, if you have a repository of long videos that you want to make more usable for students but don't have time to build interactions, we will review how our student-made, time-stamped and searchable notes digitize an otherwise passive video experience. This short demo will also showcase our professional learning suite to leverage self-reflective videos with time stamped feedback, white-labeled players to showcase your branding, and integrations with Canvas and content hosts like MediaSite and Kaltura.




Partner Profile

The features discussed in this session may require additional paid services of a 3rd party provider. Please check out Playposit | Instructure Partner Directory  for more information.


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