Juggling Collective Best Practices through an Interactive Online Community

Created by Kim Vincent-Layton on May 15, 2018

Thursday, July 26, 2018 at https://humboldtstate.zoom.us/my/kvlayton

Starts at 10:55 AM · Ends at 11:55 AM, MST (America/Denver)

  • samitoelau@coastline.edu
  • Dave Stephens
  • Anne Huffman
  • Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • Meg Yanalunas
  • Kim Vincent-Layton
  • Liz du Plessis
  • Liko Puha

Come one, come all! Join the live InstructureCarn presentation by the California Community College and California State University systems as we share our first year of the Canvas Common Interest Group (CIG). (Especially great if you aren't able to be at InstructureCarn physically in July!)


The California State University/Community Colleges Canvas Common Interest Group will share amazing feats in efforts to create interactive community and openness around student learning by juggling Canvas Community, Canvas, and Zoom. We will kick off with the "elephant in the room"; collaboration can be a challenge...but well worth the ROI!


The California State University and California Community Colleges Canvas Common Interest Group will share and model how we’ve created community through collective insights, resources, and practices. This interactive community has leveraged the Canvas Community, Canvas, and Zoom to collectively impact our efforts around effective and efficient use of Canvas and related technologies.