Canvas PS K-12 Faculty Lounge Webinar: Grading in Canvas

Created by Quin Swallow Employee on Jan 3, 2019

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at https://instructure.zoom.us/j/224180662

Starts at 11:00 AM · Ends at 12:00 PM, MDT (America/Denver)

There is much to consider when you are assessing and grading your students. Canvas provides several avenues for assessing and reporting on your student's learning, and today's Webinar is an overview of all of them, including:

  • Speedgrader
  • Grading with the teacher app
  • Grading in the Canvas Gradebook
  • Outcomes
  • The TA (Teacher Assistant) role

Join us for this Webinar for a general summary of how all of these tools work and interact.

Connect LIVE on April 16 at the link below: