• Respecting sections when automatically assigning peer reviews

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    148 votes
    Situation Canvas does not respect the sections when assigning peer reviews when automatically assigning peers in an assignment is set. This means a student from section A might be assigned as peer to a student in sec...
    Jaap Stelpstra
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  • Group Roster Export

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    488 votes
    This is an idea to modify group functionality so one can either export student group lists/rosters to a .csv spreadsheet format OR have groups listed in one of the spreadsheet columns when grades are exported (in the ...
    Renee Ford
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  • New Quizzes 404 Error?

    Hi There   First time posting here, I am doing some testing in the New Quizzes and for some reason the 404 page not found message appears for a few seconds then loads the Quiz itself.    Basically all...
    Moura Kabalan
    created by Moura Kabalan
  • Selecting and Moving Multiple Items in Modules

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    55 votes
    I am working on a new semester in Canvas. I have moved over my old content from Blackboard. I am now trying to organize items a bit better into modules. It would be wonderful if there was a way to select multiple item...
    Kelsie Kleinmeyer
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  • Create a single course calendar entry across multiple classes

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    480 votes
    When you have an event that applies to multiple classes it would be Great to enter the event once and have it post to multiple course calendars. What I would like is a way to enter the same assignment for multiple cla...
    Linda Wagner
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  • Allow faculty to have a 'Mobile View' like 'Student View'

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    106 votes
    Hello everyone!   I have been working with faculty to create mobile friendly content pages.  While most often pages will look okay on mobile devices, I often have to explain why some content such as ta...
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  • Access to the STUDENT VIEW on an iPad or other tablet

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    325 votes
    I can access STUDENT VIEW on the computer, but not on the iPad App. I need to be able to see Student View on the iPad as my district is 1:1 with iPads.
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  • Canvas Studio lost my recording?

    When I recorded something on Canvas Studio and pressed "Save", I got an error window that said "Sorry, looks like we broke something:("  My 27 minute recording was just gone, vanished.  Has this happened to ...
    Nancy Clemence
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  • If your school is closed due to COVID-19, have you been using "New Analytics" to discover which students have been active/not active in course activities?

    A teacher at my school recently contacted me about her ability to view her students' user data in a course.  I went ahead and turned on the "New Analytics" feature in our Canvas instance.  I am curious to le...
    Rebecca Penina Simon
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  • Bring back Grade Muting

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    24 votes
    For quite some time, instructors had the ability to Mute grades in Speedgrader or in the Grades spreadsheet. This was a great way to allow instructors to enter grades without students seeing their progress, and then r...
    Simon Ringsmuth
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  • Disconnect while taking a quiz - new attempt replaces first?

    Hi, now that I'm placing midterms online as a Canvas quiz, I need to prepare for the inevitable case where a student is disconnected while taking the quiz. If I allow that student a multiple attempt, it seems it will ...
    Linda Green
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  • How to rotate uploaded images?

    When uploading images to a "page", sometimes the image is rotated 90 degrees. I can't find a "rotate" tool to properly orientate the image while in "page" editing mode.
    Erik Newman
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  • School Announcements

      How do I find the school announcements?
    Kizswana Ruffin
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  • Accept Invitation to a course

    Hi,   A colleague invited me to a course but I can't see the Accept Invitation selection on either my email or Canvas. Where do I find it please?   Kind regards, Michelle
    Michelle Turner
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  • How do I import test banks from Jones and Bartlett? I was told by my school I could use the QTI format, however, that format of the test bank is not offered on my Jones and Bartlett.

    These are the formats available... Help???
    Casey Simon
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  • Why isn't my Canvas showing a blank dashboard and will not allow me to access any of my course resources as when I click on each of my courses there appears nothing?

    My course names appear but they information when I click on them is blank under each menu bar, i.e. "Home, Syllabus, Grades," etc.???
    Emily  Bomba
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  • View Participation by Resource

    I have a student who would like to give points for students accessing a specific resource. I see in the New Analytics how to "message students who participated", but I can't find directions on how to download a CSV, o...
    Sarah Canatsey
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  • New Analytics Data

    I have enabled the 'New Analytics' feature in my courses to view who has viewed and accessed resources and notifications.  But the data is only displaying up to 15th Jan 20.  How can I get the analytics to d...
    Adrian Emerson
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  • Analytics Data

    How can I get Analytics to show data usage?  Although pages are being accessed, the analytics is not reporting this.   Thank you
    Adrian Emerson
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  • New analytic issue

    Hi all   I seem to be having a problem with New Analytics.  For some courses I can see the weekly online activity for all users but for some courses I get the message no data to report even though users hav...
    Mandeep Dhesi
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