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    Oxana Jurosevic
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  • Images on pages ... randomly resizing?

    Hello All, We've been using Canvas for not quite a year. Many of our teachers are using a page as a front landing page and linking from there. In the past few months, I have had a handful of teachers tell me their im...
    Sara Frizelle
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  • Apply Status while in Speedgrader

    Open for Voting
    146 votes
    With the new Gradebook, you can apply one of these status items to an assignment:   Our professors would like the ability to toggle different status markers while they are in Speedgrader.
    Jill Mallek
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  • WebEx use

    Could someone help me find instructions on how to set up a WebEx online review for and with the students on Canvas?
    Polina  Ushinsky
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  • "Message OBSERVERS of Students Who..." in Grade books!

    Open for Voting
    630 votes
    K12 teachers MUST have the ability to "Message The Observers of Students Who...directly from the grade book. To maintain contact with Parents.   As a K-12 teacher, communication with parents (Observers) was...
    Jeff Pence
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  • Module access to specific groups, sections or students

    Open for Voting
    560 votes
    It would be great if I could give Modules unique gating rules specific to individual students or groups or sections within the course, similar to how I can create unique assignment due dates for different students and...
    Douglas Harriman
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  • Names and Roles Provisioning user_id

    Greetings, We're trying to develop a v1.3 LTI tool that utilizes the Names and Roles Provisioning Service. When we query the api URL, the result we get for user_id does not seem to be as expected...   We're get...
    William Diehl
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  • Can't open a PDF in speedgrader

    Why can't I open a pdf submission for just 2 students in my class.  The rest of the class shows the pdf automatically for me to annotate on. One i have to download the file, the other I can't open it at all. ...
    Patricia Smith
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  • ipad

    How come canvas won't load on my iPad?  I was able to access it for two weeks.  It stopped loading after two weeks.
    Autumn Kozden
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  • How do I make the green icon in the gradebook show the score under it?

    How can I get the green page icon in the grade center to show a score?
    Michelle Foster
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  • In only one section of a class that has three sections, students are not able to view their grade to date.  They can view all of their individual grades for assignments, but they cannot view their grade to date.  I've looked over everything i can, but I d

    In only one section of a class that has three sections, students are not able to view their grade to date.  They can view all of their individual grades for assignments, but they cannot view their grade to date. ...
    Brent Blackwell
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  • New Quizzes: Add Calculator to Student Accomodations

    Open for Voting
    0 votes
    I have noticed that the calculator feature is currently an "all or none" option on assessments. Math teachers have several students that require the calculator accommodation and right now I am having to duplicate quiz...
    Elisabeth  Wilkins
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  • Certain students can no longer access course and teachers cannot re-add them to the course

    Hi everyone,   the issue our teachers are having is that while a student had previously had access and were added to the course, they suddenly did not have access to it anymore. Upon looking at the list, the tea...
    Megan M
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  • When will the Weekly Online Activity feature be released?

    Is there a rough date in mind for releasing the Weekly Online Activity feature?
    Jeff Pinto
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  • New Quizzes - Shuffle questions, except one always last

    Open for Voting
    0 votes
    I'm teaching an all online course and I was reading about some ideas for "flipped classroom" and "Just In Time Teaching" strategies in the exclusively online setting. When my students are completing a quiz, I use the ...
    Melissa Calvillo
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  • Disable auto-play of Flipgrid submission in Speedgrader

    Open for Voting
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    We are using Canvas Flipgrid integration. The instructor is (and commenting) with Speedgrader. Currently, Flipgrid auto-plays the next video recording. Because it takes a moment to finish grading after watching ...
    Silke Moeller
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  • Post Policy Updates Feedback

    Hey everyone,  We're grateful for all of the feedback we've received on Post Policies. The team has been working hard to address the most pressing issues and we've released several bug fixes over the last few wee...
    Jon Fenton
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  • Jobs Board

    Are you looking to hire a Canvas Admin, Instructional Designer, Developer, or Canvas Savvy Teacher?  Do you have Canvas skills you are looking to leverage?  If you are looking for work or workers, consider r...
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  • Upcoming Canvas Changes

    Periodically functionality will be added, changed, or removed in Canvas. Announcements are made in Release Notes on an ongoing basis. Other changes may not be directly related to Canvas, such as browser upda...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Create Question Banks from MSWord

    Open for Voting
    1541 votes
    It would be useful that when you create a question bank at the account level being able to upload a huge number of questions once by using a word document. Now, the only way to do this is to create them one by one. ...
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