• Name Change

    I have recently gotten married and have changed my last name. How do I go about changing my name on everything that is displayed on canvas? I have gone in and changed everything I could manually, but some things I can...
    Megan Wisdom
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  • Is there a plan to allow a Quizzes.Next assessment to be the initial assessment for Mastery Paths?

    Unless I am missing something, I am not seeing the ability to set up a quizzes.next quiz as the initial assessment in a Mastery Path.  It can be added as conditional content, but does not appear to currently be p...
    Ryan Corris
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  • Publish / Unpublish ALL Option

    Open for Voting
    369 votes
    Instead of having to click every single item in a long list to Publish or Unpublish them all, it would save a lot of time if we had the option to "Publish All" or "Unpublish All". It would be even slicker if we could ...
    Julia Kregenow
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  • Stop Canvas Modules from Auto-Publishing All Content Inside a Module When a Module is Published

    Open for Voting
    45 votes
    My university is finding the fact that publishing a module auto-publishes all the content in it quite annoying.   I would like to be able to just publish a module and then choose what features of it that I wish...
    Kevin Hearn
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  • Canvas live api for free account?

    Hi, can i use canvas live api if I only have a free for teacher account? What’s the address I should use? Thanks!
    monique ridwan
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  • Assignment#2#Item4 Doubt

    In Assignment 2: Coding in RStudio, For Item#4, why is the sequence -> 1. install package 2. data(package) 3. mean(dataset$column) 4. library(package). I feel it should be 1. install package 2. Library(pa...
    Nav Mannan
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  • Problem with formula question

    Hi, I am an instructor at USFSP, and I am facing a problem with formula question. I have been using CANVAS for almost a year and I know how to create a quiz that contain different types of questions.   This wee...
    Mohammad Alwarawrah
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  • Quiz analytics

    I have a student who claims to have taken two of the course quizzes, however the quiz analytics show that she did not attempt either quiz. I'm guessing she isn't being honest, but want to at least see if this is a pos...
    J Alison Watts
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  • student upload of videos to canvas course page

    I need to set up a page in Canvas that will allow students to upload videos from their computer/smart phone. How dod I do that? Thanks,   David Lopato
    David Lopato
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  • Remove thumbnail

    Hello   Is it possible to get this playerview only? The black one. Now it starts with this thumbnail picture and become player after i push play.  
    Ole-Andreas Wang
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  • Grading Quizzes.next with SpeedGrader

    I cannot access SpeedGrader assignments/quizzes created through Quizzes 2. All it says is loading in the upper left corner, but never loads. I have used SpeedGrader in the past for these types of quizzes. Is there a f...
    last modified by AUBREY McCASLEN HIBBS
  • I currently in a place that is in a different time zone than that of the college?

    I am taking an online course through my community college. I currently in a place that is in a different time zone than that of the college. If I am 3 hours behind, would all my assignments need to be due at 8:59 as o...
    Jessica Raab
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  • How to get Quiz / Test results to show up in the Learning Mastery gradebook.

    I created a quiz/test in the Assignments tab using the button there. After creating each question I aligned each question to their appropriate standard. Now after the quiz/test is graded the results are not showing up...
    Jay Huber
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  • Account level calendar (and sub-account level calendar)

    Open for Voting
    345 votes
    Account level and sub-account level calendar use cases: Holiday dates Open days Special events Competitions   All users within that account or sub-account would see these calendar events.   This idea w...
    Peter Nickson
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  • File upload icon? in Assignments

    I've created assignments and students can use a variety of formats to submit work online, but I don't see a link (icon) on the assignment page itself for students to actually add the file. What am I missing in the set...
    Howard Davis
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  • Submission comment notification

    not sure if this question or discussion already exists but... When students make a comment on an assignment submission - especially AFTER the assignment has been seen and graded by the instructor - is there any way t...
    Laura  Shulman
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  • Regrade quiz when deleting questions

    Open for Voting
    1157 votes
    In instances where an instructor wants to remove a question from a quiz that students have already taken, the option to regrade a quiz should be available if a question is deleted. Or even add a choice in Regrade Opti...
    Gia DiGiacobbe
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  • Quizzes.Next: Immediate feedback in quizzes

    Open for Voting
    171 votes
    Many times, we write quizzes that get progressively more difficult. I would love a feature where students can get grades as they go on a quiz. In other words, they can submit their answer for question 1 and see correc...
    Kara Powder
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  • Reopen, complete quiz

    Can I write a quiz that allows students to return to an incomplete quiz version and add to it later?
    Linda Martin-Morris
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  • school work

    what am i suppose to put in my summaries for developmental psychology
    Tricia Barfels
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