Hi, our company recently purchased e-learning in SCORM packages. One of the issues we encountered when we tested it were participants being able to click through the e-learning material(uploaded as an assignment) by h...
    Jefri Lavin
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  • Panopto access is missing

    I am teaching an online BIOL100 course using the MacMillan LaunchPad software. After integrating LauchPad with my CANVAS site, I no longer have an option to make Panopto recordings. Any idea how to get this option back?
    Matt Picha
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  • Why aren't the assignments my teachers uploaded showing up under the "Assignments" page for my course?

    The page when I click assignments is blank for me when other students in my class can clearly see and access the materials on their accounts.
    Meredith  Langmuir
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  • cannot view my assignments in canvas

    I can access my courses and some the home features of each class but cannot access the rest.  Assignments....
    Lucas Bergstrom
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  • How can students across all courses see my office hours on calendar?

    I added all of my office hours (and travel) to my Canvas calendar.  They are under my name, but I want the students in my (multiple) courses to access this information as well.  How do I add the ability for ...
    Marilyn Smith
    created by Marilyn Smith
  • Catalog's Search Form - how does it work?

    I am trying to find some documentation on how Catalog's search form works but can't find much online. From using it in our instance, it appears it works by searching for Listings in the immediate Catalog not the sub-c...
    Greg Lawrence
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  • Grade visibility

    Hello. Are grades visible to just the student or to the entire class?
    g servito
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  • FAIL? Instructor Mobile App / TurnIt-In

    When I originally set up assignments on my desktop, I enabled TurnIt-In. I edited the assignment through the Mobile App and the TurnIt-In settings were completely disabled. This same issue occurred even when I DID not...
    Elaine Jolayemi
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  • Allow selection of sections when creating a new conference

    Open for Voting
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    Teachers often ask if they can create a new Canvas Conference and simply invite only a particular section, rather than inviting all students or selecting students from the list manually (some of our courses have ...
    Eliot Gliddon-Perry
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  • Change due date for one student

    How do I change the due date on a quiz or assignment for just one class member?   Thanks, Annie 
    Annie Stermer
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  • How do I import my.hrw.com assignments into "quizzes"?

    I want to upload the HRW assignments as a quiz so canvas will automatically link the grades to Pinnacle.
  • disappeared course: it says unpublished

    one of my course says it's unpublished. A week ago, I submitted my assignment and few days later it just disappeared from dashboard.  but my instructor says the course and assignments are up and running.
    Yuli Lee
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  • Adding a Course

    How do I add a course?
    Tanya Mason
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  • why is my use interface not working

    My entire canvas dashboard, along with assignments grades ect. 
    robert  pratt
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  • Help creating html file that will run upon click

    I have an image which appears in multiple pages linking to an external url.   I'd like to create an html file that will run upon opening and redirect to another site.        Sort of on the l...
    Mimi Wong
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  • How to insert charts into text box

    how to insert charts from google sheets into text box 
    Delaney  Chisholm
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  • Option to set assignment submission to both "on paper" and "on line"

    In the settings page for assignments, I think it would be great to be able to set an assignment to be submitted on paper OR on line.  I give my students the option to do either.  When it is set to submitting...
    Colleen Kvaska
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  • Importing from Commons

    How do I copy another instructor's course in Commons to my course in Canvas?
    Jerri Tittle
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  • Project Group Formation

    Hello,   I am trying to place a student into 2 project groups simultaneously, but the system will not allow me.  Is there a way to overcome this default?   Thank you, Megan
    Megan Vareha
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  • how can I get started with Caliper?

    I just started doing some research on Caliper, and I'd love some pointers. As with any standard that I've tried so far, the learning curve is steep  the amount of information is overwhelming and sometimes is not...
    Daniel Lopez
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