• Download Assignment Comments and Completed Rubrics

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    646 votes
    It would be nice to have an option to download everything related to a completed, graded assignment in one PDF: the annotated PDF of the submission, the "assignment comments" discussion, and the completed rubric with ...
    Matthew Weathers
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  • Is there anyone from Hong Kong?

    Is there anyone from Hong? Can you provide the direct contact of the Hong Kong Canvas representatives? I need instant help but most of the time , sending emails for support from overseas is quite time consuming.
    Pui Ying  Yu
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  • How long did it take you all to get your security/background checks done?

    How long did it take you all to get your security/background checks done? I'm gathering data.   I substitute  for KES Tampa FL. I am approved  in FLDOE, HCPS, Lake County and Pasco County. It has bee...
    Stuart Urie
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  • Does Canvas grade book communicate with Infinite Campus grade book?

    Hello! I'm a teacher testing Canvas as a potential for our district-wide online learning platform. I have bee asked to assess the responsiveness/support provided when we have an issue or question about the program, so...
    Emily  Young
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  • PDF Preview broken on Chrome

    I cant preview PDFs in my browser. They were working but it has been like this for a couple weeks now    Tried on macOS and windows 10 Chrome Version: 81.0.4044.129 (Official Build) (64-bit)   It...
    Jackson Z
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  • Multiple Due Dates (checkpoints) for Discussions

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    2318 votes
    With the way that many schools set up forum discussions and require "check-ins" to the forum throughout the week, it would be great if we could include multiple due dates in the discussion activities. For instance, I ...
    Chris White
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  • Catalog Release Notes (2020-06-20)

    In this Catalog release, Catalog accounts include an option to sync Canvas enrollment changes and allow or block domains for Catalog registration.   Catalog release notes indicate features and updates that are c...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Customizable Checklists to Add to Modules

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    188 votes
    This is a feature that I was expecting to find in Canvas because I have used it in D2L Brightspace. A checklist is something that is added to a module and created by the instructor. Here's an article about it in ...
    Shane Degen
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  • Utilize SpeedGrader for Peer Reviews

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    4 votes
    When we assign students a peer review in canvas, they do not have access to the speedgrader. What they end up with is a slightly clunky assortment of pop-out windows for viewing/annotating and the rubric, necessitatin...
    Kirsten Holt
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  • Why is my course showing as a future enrolment?

    Christine walker
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  • Answering questions...

    Fairly new to Cavans, I am trying to make a quiz that may have multiple ways of answering.  For instance the answer may be .5 and the student answers 1/2.  How do I do this?  Which question type must I ...
    Melanie Weston
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  • Creating / Importing Test Questions

    I am trying to write new quizes and tests using questions I've uploaded into Canvas in the past so I don't have to keep typing them in every term.  When I go to 'Quizes', I choose 'Edit', click on the 'Questions'...
    B C
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  • add a user

    How do I add a user to my subject if they are not at the UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE? I can't see a way under 'people' on my Canvas site. Thanks
    Bernard Muir
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  • No time table for FEM 103 and BPM 105

    Dear sir mdm   I cant seem to find my time table. there is no time table indicated.   regards Senthil Kumar
    senthil kumar
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  • Why are answers in matching quizzes randomized?

    Why are answers to matching questions randomized? I want the answers to always be in the same order. I entered answers labeled A through L, but they show up the drop-down list in various orders. That is extremely conf...
    Jana Bielecki
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  • Fail to upload files

    I cannot upload files ( pdf, images) in the quizzes and pages in one of the courses. It only happens in that particular course. Can anyone help? I have escalate a ticket to report this problem buy no replies. 
    Pui Ying  Yu
    created by Pui Ying Yu
  • Uncertain About Lti Basic Launch for Submitted Assignment

    We have an lti tool which makes an assignment submission via the Score service (part of Assignment and Grading Services).   The submission works fine and the assignment shows up in the student Grades view as "no...
    Oloff B
    created by Oloff B
  • LTI External Tools - Ability to Add Rubric

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    726 votes
    This is a resurrected feature: LTI External Tools and Rubrics   The original text provided by the one and only Chris Hofer is as follows:   "When creating an Assignment in a course that uses the Submission...
    Brian Rueckert
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  • Syllabus Edit/View Access in Teacher App

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    98 votes
    The Teacher App does not allow you to access the syllabus for your courses. Since many of us have moved to tablets or our mobile devices for planning, it would be nice to have access to edit/view our course syllabus i...
    Ashley Nilsen
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  • Add Multiple Rubrics to One Assignment

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    395 votes
    At our college, faculty would like the ability to attach more than one rubric to an assignment. This is especially the case when importing account level outcomes / rubrics. Originally posted by Tony Anderson on the o...
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