• Can I capture a 'Dismiss Notification' click?

    Is there a hook in Canvas that will tell me if my notification from my plugin was dismissed (by clicking the small 'x')?
    Joel Griffin Dodd
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  • Getting 422 (Unprocessable Entity) error when loading custom JavaScript

    I added a custom JavaScript function via the 'custom JavaScript' file upload in the Theme Editor and it adds it fine there, but when it loads a page in Canvas it doesn't load my custom JavaScript but shows an err...
    Andy Seitz
    created by Andy Seitz
  • Uploaded CSS/JS is trying to be loaded as https on VirtualBox

    Does anyone know how to configure a local VirtualBox Canvas LMS instance (Bitnami) to NOT use HTTPS for uploaded Javascript and CSS?     I uploaded a CSS file and it seems to go to my VirtualBox instan...
    Andy Seitz
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  • Allow 'Treat ungraded as 0' in New Gradebook

    Open for Voting
    285 votes
    It would be very useful to be able to use the 'Treat ungraded as 0' feature of the current Gradebook in the New Gradebook, especially once the New Gradebook becomes the default in January 2020. I understand that not h...
    Jeremy Stevens
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  • Code de participation demandé pour s'inscrire en qu'élève [Participation code requested to register as a student]

    Bonjour, je souhaite relier des élèves à mes cours et quand je vais dans la page de création de compte Canvas pour un élève on me demande un code de participation. Qu'est-ce ...
    Sandrine Georgantis
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  • APAC Teacher PD User Group Meetup - August 18th 2020

    8/17/20 9:00 PM
    We will be hosting our 4th APAC Teacher PD User Group this August. Want to get involved?    Topic:Course / Content engagement ideas & Introduction to Analytics and Reporting    Preparation item...
    Tori Carroll
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    APAC Teacher PD User Group Meetup - August 18th 2020

    in APAC

  • Re: Pic avatar above 'Account' button in Canvas

    How can I import a picture of myself on the Canvas Page (the far left hand side of Canvas) above my Account button?   -G
    Garrett Bauer
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  • Discussion group sets

    How do I delete a group from a discussion assignment in the Group Set?
    created by BONNIE DRAIN
  • Teacher PD User Group - July 2020 Meeting Recording & Minutes

    RecordingAgendaWelcome and initial questions Today's Focus -  Course/Content engagement & common LTI's Discussion / Show & Tell Next Session -  Topic Prep   Institution Attendees Department of E...
    Tori Carroll
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  • Link to a Module

    How do I Link a button on my homepage with a particular Module and not just the entire modules page?
    Jonathan Wyatt
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  • Recovering a Deleted Page

    How can I recover the deleted page?
    Editha Africa
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  • Wrong School

    Our school is in the process of completing transactions to purchase the program.  I have been setting up my modules in a free account.  When the program if fully funded will my work be transferable to the sc...
    Andrea Hawkins
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  • On Missing Pages

    Why are the Pages missing though I am not deleting them?
    Editha Africa
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  • How do I embed a quiz in a video?

    I recently embedded a quiz in a video (I was in Studio), but when I tried to do it again I couldn't.  Also, when I posted it as an assignment, the quiz seemed to have disappeared.
    Erica Amundson
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  • looking for an online learning management system for kids in a residential treatment center--due to the severity of the kids' conditions, we cannot allow students to have an email address/account--is Canvas still an option?

    Looking for an online learning management system for kids in a residential treatment center. Due to the nature and severity of our students' conditions, we cannot allow them access to a personal email address or accou...
    Eric Krumich
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  • What is the easiest way for 2nd graders to submit work on canvas?

    I teach 2nd grade in Washington, DC.  I am new to working with Canvas, and I am also a beginner in learning technology.  Therefore, in the simplest language possible, I would greatly appreciate an answer to ...
    Nona Ransom
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  • I can't add an item to a module.

    I have about 45 lesson items in one module. In order to break it up, I'm adding Text headers in 4 places. I added one Text Header, then as I began to add another + to the module, selected Text Header, and titled it, b...
    Marnie Hartill
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  • how to send email

    how to send emails to parents
    Cindie Gragg
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  • Creating a "Start Here" button on an Instructor's Home Page

    How can I create a "Start Here" button on my home page as an instructor?
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  • Cannot find Commons imports

    I have imported a template from Commons, but I can only see it in the "imported" link. It is a front page with home screen picture for an AVID class, why will it not show up like the example we used during training?&#...
    Claudia de la Torre
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