• Ability to Save and Copy from Frequently Used Comments in Speedgrader/DocViewer

    Open for Voting
    1165 votes
    It would be a great timesaver for writing instructors and anyone else making many of the same comments to students on assignments to save and store comments in SpeedGrader/Crocodoc DocViewer as one is able to do ...
    Joshua Herron
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  • Use template or import file to generate structured e portfolios.

    Open for Voting
    197 votes
       We work with about 1000 pre-service teaching students a semester while they are in their field experience or internships. We are currently using iWebfolio, and can have students generate portfolios usin...
    Nicholas Eastham
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  • Course-Level Setting: Restrict Users to Their Own Section(s)

    Open for Voting
    205 votes
    I'm resubmitting the idea Limit visibility to Section Users submitted originally by Wade James and supporting information added by Ben Reynolds and  Melody CSUCanvasAdmin-Brake When dealing with multiple section...
    Joni Miller
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  • Sort Students in People List: Course

    Open for Voting
    239 votes
    @People list is alphabetical by last names, which is not helpful. Please add sorting function by "First Name", "Section", "last Activity" and "Total Activity". All other tabular lists should be sort-able as well. Add...
    Yang Gong
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  • Edit Section: Restricting students to see own section only

    Open for Voting
    342 votes
    When enrolling students to a course section, there is a small box for you to check to restrict the student to seeing only his/her own section and responses from other students only from his/her section.  If you m...
    Peggy Dove
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  • Default notification settings profiles by user role

    Open for Voting
    350 votes
    As an account or subaccount admin, I want to set default notification settings for my users by role. Like role-based permissions, these notification settings could be locked or unlocked; that is, I could choose to all...
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  • Hide Inactive Enrollments on People Page

    Open for Voting
    384 votes
    Student enrollments which have been set to the "inactive" status currently show up on the People page tagged with the "inactive" label. We are now using the inactive status for students who have enrolled in a course, ...
    Lindy Foster
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  • Module access to specific groups, sections or students

    Open for Voting
    485 votes
    It would be great if I could give Modules unique gating rules specific to individual students or groups or sections within the course, similar to how I can create unique assignment due dates for different students and...
    Douglas Harriman
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  • Word count for Speedgrader (DocViewer) grading

    Open for Voting
    538 votes
    It would be extremely helpful for student submissions to also include a word count when we are correcting them on Speedgrader through DocViewer. Thank you!   This idea was considered when developing our product...
    Gail Saltveit
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  • Ability to brand Canvas notifications

    Open for Voting
    603 votes
    Notifications sent via Canvas are currently not able to be branded.  This means that the emails sent to parents and students currently include the Canvas name and logo. This can cause some confusion with the comm...
    Leigh Morrow
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  • New Gradebook - the correct feedback not visible

    In the New Gradebook, all the assessments of my students on one of the assignments have been changed from green check or X, to written out with letters "not yet finished". When I click on an individual assignemnt I c...
    Linda Kajonious
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  • Growing with Canvas Updates

    Thanks to Erin Keefe  andSallie Michalsky as well as the rest of theCanvas Training team for developing wonderful, free resource such as the Be The Hero - New Training Course for Canvas Admins...
    Janie Ruddy
    created by Janie Ruddy
  • Disable/Deactive User at Account Level

    Open for Voting
    249 votes
    This idea was previously submitted, but didn't get enough votes.  We need your help to make it happen this time around.   At my institution, if a student does not pay in time for a course, is unreachable by...
    Wendy Mack
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  • Make Files Visible to Certain Sections Only

    Open for Voting
    127 votes
    Files such as syllabi will be different for different sections. Why isn't there a way to make these visible to some sections but not others, aside from putting them into an illogical category like "assignments?"
    Allison Mickel
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  • Restrict assignment submission attempts

    Open for Voting
    361 votes
    Currently there is no way (that I am aware of) to limit the number of times a student may submit an assignment. This functionality is available for quizzes, but not for other assignment types. It would be very helpful...
    Matt Ribkoff
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  • Suggestions for online biology labs that are compatible with Canvas?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a publisher that offers online (virtual) labs for a non-majors or basic biology class that integrates with Canvas.  Anyone have any suggestions?  We are currently using one that is of...
    Nicole Browning
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  • Shared Devices - not a problem.

    Some challenges get in the way of teachers giving Canvas a go. A big one that we have noticed is when there are limited devices in classrooms. Here are some ideas that we have either used ourselves or seen teachers cr...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Mastery Path and Badgr (Part 2)

    Hi Community,   I am testing out badges in Canvas. Initially I have 3 modules that I tested with 4 different accounts. Midway, I added a new module and created a new badge (Mastery with Badge).   After I ...
    Wan Fareed
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  • Pear Deck

    Open for Voting
    41 votes
    Pear Deck is a tool that allows each student in a class to connect to an interactive presentation on any device, answer questions, etc. How does Pear Deck Work? - YouTube    We license Pear Deck in my ...
    Stephen Simpson
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  • Differentiating Student and Instructor Guides

    It can be really hard for me to tell if a guide is geared for students or instructors.  Would it be possible to change the look of the pages between the two: Different color schemes that were more indicative of ...
    Amy Munger
    last modified by Amy Munger