• Partial Credit for Matching Questions in Quizzes.Next

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    319 votes
    In new quizzes, there needs to be the ability to award partial credit for matching questions. At the current moment, it is either all or nothing. I know you can "fudge" points at the end, but we need the ability to ma...
    Robert Yoder
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  • I cannot weight the grades of assignment groups

    I want to weight assignment groups in the gradebook. The canvas guide shows that I can do that when I create the Assignment Group, in the same box where I give it a name. My Canvas page does not show the box which pe...
    Nicholas Ferencz
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  • Unauthorized Error Message for Canvas Guides

    Good morning!    My colleagues and I are seeing 'Unauthorized' messages when attempting to access some Canvas guides. It appears to be random; some guides are fine, others are not. I searched the community,...
    Jennifer S
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    What is the black dot which appears to the left of a discussion before or after you pin it?
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    Is there a way to exclude a test grade JUST for certain students?
    Mark Romejko
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  • Missions in Canvas Community

    Sometimes, the missions in the Canvas Community aren't really working. When I complete the task, it doesn't update the mission, even after reloading.
    Jeremy West
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  • Google File Upload tab Missing

    I recently created a assignment which requires a file upload from the students.  Now the problem my student no longer see the google doc icon when they go to submit the answer.  They have selected more optio...
  • Trouble with an Office 365 Cloud assignment: No Submit Button

    I have set up an Excel assignment for submission through the Office 365 Cloud external tool. My students can get the document through the link.  In fact when they click the link it takes them right to the excel ...
    Mr. Alan Parman
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  • Assignment Enhancements: Move Submit Button

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    2 votes
    In the current workflow of the new assignment enhancements feature, students cannot submit their submission from the 'comments' tab. Some students after attaching their work, will add a comment for the attention of th...
    Bethan Reid
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  • Quiz locked. Can student pick up where they left off?

    A quiz locked while a student was in-progress. She cannot get back in. If I give her another attempt, does she lose everything from round 1? How can I allow her to continue without losing her work?   Thanks
    Lesley Lemons
    created by Lesley Lemons
  • Set Up Your Canvas Course in 30 minutes or Less

    Need to quickly get up and running with Canvas? These 5 videos will get you started with an overview of Canvas, how to build and manage a course, and how to create and manage course content. View additional Canvas Ove...
    Nathan Atkinson
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  • Announcments/ability to change order of listing

    Is it possible to organize announcements to show most recent announcement first?  Using student view- I am worried students won't see announcement if it is not directly on their home screen.  I'm not sure ho...
    Patti Muff
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  • New Quizzes: Show and Hide Quiz Results by Date

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    36 votes
    Allow a show/hide date range for the "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked in Student Feedback)" quiz setting. In order to maintain test security, instructors often want to limit ...
    Monica Swindle
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  • How can I take a placement test (Accuplacer Test) for Math and English for next semester?

    ANSWER. Accuplacer Tests are being conducted at the Grandview Plaza campus just outside post. (100 Continental Dr.) between 0900-1300 Friday 4/3, Tuesday 4/7, and Friday 4/10. Just bring your Barton ID. 
    Ariel Wolfe
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  • Disable Chat by Default

    Open for Voting
    8 votes
    When canvas chat is turned on, it was explained to me that by default it is enabled for all courses in the account.  Below, I have explained reasons why Canvas Chat should be initially disabled by defau...
    Ryan Corris
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  • How do I get pictures and graphs to show up on my computer for tests?

    How do I get pictures and graphs to show up on my computer? I am taking a test review on UT Canvass onramps for College algebra and no pictures are showing up, I have refreshed the page, restarted my computer, and lo...
    Lynette Aelvoet
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  • Expand character limit on Matching

    0 votes
    When entering text into the answer field for a Matching Question in quiz, there is no mention of character limit... However, there is a 100 character limit.  Either expand the limit, and put a notification, or se...
    Wayne Means
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  • Announcement Area ReDesign

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    207 votes
    Right now both Global Announcements and Course Announcements become easily cluttered. It would be beneficial, especially where Global Announcements are concerned, if we had a way to archive or keep announcements sorte...
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  • upload question bank

    how can I upload a question bank?
    lisa linc
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  • Notifications by Course

    On Beta
    1111 votes
    It would be great to be able to set notifications for each individual course.  There have been many times that I needed really detailed notifications and other times I needed nearly zero notifications.  Unde...
    last modified by ZACHARY DESJARLAIS