• Saving Due Date Times by Section

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    Hi!  For those of us using at the high school model where we have very consistent class times and multiple sections, is it possible to make these due date times (the beginning of each class) saveable so that all ...
    Meredith Henderson
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  • Set Point/Percentage limit to match assignment point setup 

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    A while back, Canvas added a new gradebook feature that alerts us if we accidentally put in a score that is much higher than expected.  For example, on a 100 point quiz, if you accidentally type 300 instead of 30...
    Lauren Sayer
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  • SpeedGrader Should Allow Grading of Large Classes

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    TLDR: SpeedGrader will be rendered unusable when there are “too many” submissions (2500+). Canvas needs to implement a solution so that SpeedGrader can still be used in this case. The solution do...
    UW Learning Technologies
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  • Display a warning message if a user clicks the big green 'save' button instead of the 'Update question'

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    I've lost many hours thinking i've saved a quiz question i've developed when i've lost it completely because instead of clicking the small and less revealing button labelled "update question" I clicked on the big save...
    Nathan Grieve
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  • REcognition of annotated Essay Assignment as Read

    Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea
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    Essay Assignments   Allow the instructor to realize that the student has looked at the annotated essay that was returned to him or her. In Web Study, for example, the essay would be marked as completed.
    Claire Berger
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  • Customizing the Course Navigation Menu

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    We have been using the "Redirect" app to make our courses as easy to navigate as possible, particularly as we develop an aligned, guaranteed and viable curriculum in our schools.  The challenge with the Redirect ...
    Dennis Purcell
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  • Viewing question: Canvas

      Entered and published a new module.    Unable to view.   I restarted my computer. And module added is not viewable.   Is it probably a technical problem with canvas? or what?
    Hind Aati
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  • Teacher App Crashing

    Hello: I’ve been experiencing crashes when ever trying to use the grading features on my iPad in the Teacher app since the iOS13 update. Any news on when an update to Teacher will be available?   Thanks
    Cristobal Borges
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  • Publish and Unpublish Announcements

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    I love that Canvas can bring over announcements when I copy content from another Canvas course. This keeps me from copying and pasting announcements I make every semester.  To further develop this feature, it wou...
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  • Assignments within weighted groups treated with equal value regardless of points

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    Please excuse the verbose title.   Our faculty want the option to have assignments within an assignment group to be given the same weight even if they are graded on different point values.   For example: &...
    Lea Engle
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  • Adjust all assignment and quiz dates on a single page

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    The Problem: Managing dates one item at a time is tedious when you are planning an entire semester. This is true for new classes, but also for existing classes since the ability to globally adjust imported dates neve...
    Michael Harris
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  • Speedgrader automatically show highest scoring quiz attempt?

    I think I am in need of help from someone who has experience manually grading quizzes in canvas, because I am at the end of my rope.   Here are my main questions:   - Is there an option to force speedgrade...
    Arne Schwettmann
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  • Canvas Instructor Guide - Table of Contents

    Introduction Analytics Announcements Assignments Attendance (Roll Call) Calendar Chat Collaborations Commons Conferences Course Import Tool Course Navigation Courses and...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • Canvas Notifications PDF

    Canvas includes a set of default notification preferences you can receive for your courses. However, you can change the default settings by selecting your own notification preferences. These preferences only appl...
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  • What are the CanvasLIVE event types?

    When creating an event, you can choose between different event types. EVENT TYPE DESCRIPTION TYPE GREAT FOR EXAMPLES MEET UPS Informal chats where people join to discuss a tool or topic of interest. Meet-ups...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How do I file a ticket with Canvas Support about my access to the Canvas Community?

    The Canvas Community site is available to any Canvas user in the world who wants to communicate and collaborate with other users. However, in order to participate in the Community and/or access other areas restricted ...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • What do the different role icons represent in the Canvas Community?

    Certain members in the Canvas Community have an icon next to their names. Employee Roles Pandas represent Instructure employees. RED PANDA: Members of the Community Team The Community Team designs, moderates, ...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How do I manage my Activity stream in the Canvas Community?

    The activity stream shows the connection streams, including custom streams, and other trending content within the Canvas Community. It also includes the content you are following in the community. Open Activity St...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How do I give a badge to another user in the Canvas Community?

    What are User Badges? User Badges are peer-to-peer badges in the community. There are currently 4 different types of user badges. Congratulations: Did someone just level-up? Advance to a new role icon? Acknowledg...
    Canvas Doc Team
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  • How do I send direct messages to people in the Canvas Community?

    Direct messages are a way to target a specific person or persons you want to include in a conversation. All messages reside in your Inbox. Open Inbox To access your inbox, click the notifications icon. Or, go ...
    Canvas Doc Team
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