• Ability to brand Canvas notifications

    Open for Voting
    604 votes
    Notifications sent via Canvas are currently not able to be branded.  This means that the emails sent to parents and students currently include the Canvas name and logo. This can cause some confusion with the comm...
    Leigh Morrow
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  • Image embedding in announcements

    When images are embedded in announcements, is there a way to make them visible in the email notification? If not, what are the alternatives?
    Marie-Laure Kienne
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  • Clickable Module Index

    Open for Voting
    17 votes
    I would love to have some kind of clickable module index (perhaps a drop down menu) when I'm in  Module View that would allow me to jump straight to a particular module by clicking on its name. 
    Jack McGavick
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  • Collapse or Expand All Modules with One Click

    Open for Voting
    19 votes
    For courses containing many modules, I often find myself going through and manually collapsing each one. I would love to have a one-click way to collapse all the modules (and, conversely, to expand them all again...
    Jack McGavick
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  • Arc Comment Notifications

    68 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas   Our students are beginning to interact not only with our professors via Arc, but they are also interacting with each other using Comments. The ability to...
    Jeremy Cole
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  • Assignments within weighted groups treated with equal value regardless of points

    Open for Voting
    395 votes
    Please excuse the verbose title.   Our faculty want the option to have assignments within an assignment group to be given the same weight even if they are graded on different point values.   For example: &...
    Lea Engle
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  • Canvas y Badgr - Insignias Digitales para sus Cursos

    8/22/19 9:00 AM
    Descripción:  Canvas y Badgr es una sesión de CanvasLIVE en Español donde hablaremos de como utilizar la popular herramienta de Badgr, que le permite emitir insignias digitales y crear estrate...
    Paola Sanchez
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    Canvas y Badgr - Insignias Digitales para sus Cursos

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  • Catalog Listings - show term from Canvas

    Open for Voting
    3 votes
    It would be nice to be able to see terms from the canvas course listing in the catalog listings.
    Justin Brooksby
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  • Catalog Listings - column to see course dates

    Open for Voting
    5 votes
    It would be nice to have a column to see course dates in the catalog listings page.
    Justin Brooksby
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  • Formatting of Announcement Notifications

    Open for Voting
    260 votes
    It would be great to see more information in the announcement email notifications. At the moment, the formatting and images are all stripped from the notifications. The email notification also does not include informa...
    Danielle Dilkes
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  • ¡Bienvenidos CanvasLIVE en Español!

    ¡Bienvenidos a CanvasLIVE en Español! ¿Quiere saber más de estas sesiones? En este post le ayudamos a entender más acerca de como acceder, participar, registrarse, y colab...
    Paola Sanchez
    created by Paola Sanchez
  • Add an image to announcement?

    I would like to make announcements more engaging when students see them in their email inbox. Right now all they see is text, table, or hyperlink. If I have photos or logos they don't appear until the student opens th...
    Kathleen Perez
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  • How do I save a rubric?

    I've added a rubric to a course but there's no Save button. Has it been automatically saved? If I leave the page to do a rubric for the next assignment will I lose this rubric?
    Gordon Farrer
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  • Canvas Klatch (July 18)

    Today 12:00 PM
    Description The Canvas Klatch is an online office hour for the course Introduction to Teaching with Canvas by @ONE.    Agenda (or Objectives)This is an office hour, so whoever attends directs the conversati...
    Gregory Beyrer
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    Canvas Klatch (July 18)

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  • Ability to assign Pages to a section of students

    0 votes
    Our Instructional Designers are very creative to develop their Pages. The setup is quite flexible and offers the best creative tool to expand the teaching environment, now we just need to be able to cater the content ...
    Jo Keith
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  • Known Issues site needed

    0 votes
    Today I found out that some instructor comments in the Gradebook was not being pushed back to the students. Yesterday, it was columns in the Gradebook being set by Canvas to hidden. Canvas needs a "Known Issues" site...
    Leona Barratt
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  • Edit Peer Review Comments

    Open for Voting
    13 votes
    Currently, users have no ability to delete or edit comments made on peer review assignments. This is a problem because students often assign a grade to their peer's work in the comments. This is a basic feature alread...
    Maddy Hodges
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  • Canvas Commons Bulk Upload Group Members

    Open for Voting
    56 votes
    We would like the ability to be able to bulk upload and add multiple "group members" into groups by user ID or university email within Canvas Commons.   Currently, administrators can create groups for indiv...
    Jessica Sowalsky
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  • Prohibit Submissions to Group Assignments without a Group Set

    Open for Voting
    68 votes
    The Problem: If students submit to a group assignment that does not have an associated group set, those submissions appear as individual submission rather than group submissions. Because this causes numerous problems...
    Linda J. Lee
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  • Parent Registration with Canvas Authentication

    For the most current information for pairing codes, please see the following guides:   How do I configure self registration through Canvas authentication for an account?  How do I link a student to my...
    Kellene Bigelow
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