• Course Evaluation Checklist

    ** UPDATE JANUARY 2020** Our Canvas Course Evaluation Checklist v2.0 is Now Available! Please visit our Course Evaluation Checklist v2.0 Blog Post to learn more about v2.0 and create your own copy of th...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • UDOIT Version 2.3.1

    This release is mainly bug fixes for the migration scripts from 2.3.0.  Big thanks go to Santa Rosa Junior College for discovering and fixing most of these.   Existing Installations If you previously install...
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  • UDOIT Version 2.3.0 "Bithlo"

    Note: There is a known issue with the self-hosted version of this release.  If you are using Heroku, you can safely ignore this message.  View the UDOIT FAILED TO SCAN THIS COURSE thread for more inform...
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  • Making Lists Accessible in Canvas

    When you create content for your course it is important to make sure you are structuring content in accessible way. The list feature in the rich content editor in Canvas has options for creating unordered an...
    Susan Nugent
    created by Susan Nugent
  • Share UDL Course Design Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

    UDL for Module Design  I learned from the UW DOIT Center that accessibility in digital learning has two components:  1) Accommodation and 2) Universal Design for Learning (UDL).  In this Blog I am goin...
    Kelley L. Meeusen
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  • UDOIT Version 2.1.1 and UDOIT User's Guide

    v2.1.1 This release is all bugfixes and code cleanup.  Here are the highlights: YouTube caption detection was updated to match the latest API specification. UFIXIT for files fixed. UFIXIT for table header scop...
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  • Implementing Universal Design for Learning on Canvas

    Universal Design for Learning is ultimately about disturbing tradition in education. In fact, it may be among the most disturbing things to happen in education in the 21st century. And that's a good thing. ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Google Loving Teacher Turned Canvas Connoisseur

       I'll be honest.  I love technology.  But I feel like I am fighting a losing battle sometimes in implementing it in my school.  I am not resistant - just easily broken.  I have 75 ...
    Jessica Cosma
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  • Canvas Intel Exchange

    Canvas Intel Exchange Want to network and collaborate with fellow Community members? Join this classified intel exchange on Tuesday, 8:30am - 12:00pm. This is a free Community-driven meet-up to learn from fellow Canva...
    Kenneth Rogers
    created by Kenneth Rogers
  • UDOIT Version 2.2.0 "Altoona"

    This release contains many bug fixes, improvements on existing features, mobile-inspired issue detection, and better compatibility with Heroku. This release also begins our new naming scheme, which is based on small t...
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  • Accessibility and DocViewer

    As a product manager at Canvas, I am impressed by the dedication to creating accessible experiences that our designers and engineers craft every day. That's why I'm excited about our most recent update, DocViewer. ...
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  • UDOIT Version 2.1.0

    This release touches almost every file in the project.  It addressed security issues brought up by Mesa Community college, added the groundwork for automated testing of future releases, and reorganized the code t...
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  • UDOIT v2.0.4

    Since we have a presence on the Canvas Community now, I figured this would be a good place to do writeups on all of our version releases of UDOIT.  This particular one is very minor, but I have to start somewhere...
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  • Ask Me About UDOIT at InstructureCon 2016!

    I know everyone will be very busy at InstructureCon this year, so I wanted to make it easier to find me if you have any UDOIT questions.  Just look for the guy with the sign on his backpack:   If you don'...
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  • WCAG 2.0/Accessibility Overview Tool

    Hey Everyone!   In our efforts to begin moving towards developing more accessible online courses, I've created a WCAG 2.0 overview tool. I wanted to see how each level (A-AAA) ranges in content. This will help u...
    Stephanie Pope
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