• UDOIT Information

    What is UDOIT? The Universal Design Online content Inspection Tool, or UDOIT (pronounced, “You Do It”) enables faculty to identify accessibility issues in their Canvas course content. It will scan a course...
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  • ALLY

    Is anyone here familiar with Ally, the accessibility checker? The Open Education Initiative (OEI) in California is rolling this out soon and I would love to hear some reviews. Mark
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  • Reading Accessibility Tool

    Does anyone know of a tool that can be added in Canvas that is similar to the reading accessibility tool "Read & Write" that is a Google Chrome add-on?  We have a handful of students who use this tool for sup...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Accessibility within Canvas

    Ensuring an accessible and pleasant experience to all users, regardless of disability, is a key focus of Canvas. The Canvas platform was built using the most modern HTML and CSS technologies, and is committed to W3C's...
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  • Reflection on Blackboard Ally Implementation at Los Rios CCD

    Hi Everyone,   I'm usually not one to write too many blog posts, and I really debated the best place to put this.  As Ally is an accessibility tool it could have certainly gone in the accessibility group (a...
  • Accessibility Feature Requests

    I have always appreciated that Canvas takes accessibility seriously, as evidenced in their Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, community efforts and frequent mentions of accessibility in their release notes...
    Christopher Phillips
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  • New Quizzes: Hiding Inaccessible Question Types

    Is there an option to hide questions that are not accessible e.g. Hot Spot question type, from use by instructors at the course or system level? We would like to avoid instructors building a quiz that has an inaccessi...
  • Are tables accessible in Canvas?

    I was recently told by an instructional designer on campus that tables are not "accessible" in Canvas, meaning that screenreaders cannot parse and read them.   My understanding from reading Canvas documents (see...
    Stephanie Johnson
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  • Provide a method to determine which courses are using New Quizzes

    For the current (old?) quizzes the API makes it easy to identify courses that contain quizzes. However, with New Quizzes there is currently no way to use the Canvas API to determine which courses are us...
  • General Accessibility Design Guidelines

    Various state and federal laws have requirements aimed at making education accessible to as many people as possible. For instance, making sure that classrooms are wheelchair accessible would be an effort to comply wit...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • UDOIT 2.5.0 "Dana"

    This release is dedicated to the memory of Dana Danger Grey, a wonderful person and fierce proponent of accessibility.  Read more about Dana's life here.   The main focus for this release is adding the "fir...
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  • hearing impaired students

    What help does Canvas provide for hearing impaired students? Is there transcription software?  Cheers 
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Embedded Studio Videos on a Page Jump to Where They Are Placed

    tl;dr It would be nice if the content did not "jump" to Studio videos if they are placed further down a content page...as this requires people to scroll back to the top of the screen.   The Issue I recently di...
    Susan Nugent
    created by Susan Nugent
  • Did folks in this group know that the default link color in Canvas is out of WCAG AA compliance?

    Hi everyone-- I'm just curious how many people know that the default link color is out of WCAG AA compliance. It was a surprise to me.   There's currently a feature request to adjust that color, but it only has...
    Tom Gibbons
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  • Color Contrast - default link blue

    Hello all -      I'd like to know if/when the default blue color for links in Canvas will be addressed? As it stands now, the contrast is only at 2.48:1.    Obviously the work around (changi...
    Nancy Keefer
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  • Accessibility Resources

    Where is the link to Canvas Accessibility Resources?
  • Radio questions missing fieldset and legend

    Hi-   In testing yesterday, I noticed that radio groups/multiple choice questions are missing an association with the question; they are not using a fieldset and legend, nor are they using appropriate aria group...
    Laura Fathauer
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  • Using Canvas with speech recognition software

    Does Canvas work with Dragon Naturally Speaking? or any speech recognition software? I know a couple of years ago it didn't and I am wondering what the current state is.
    Sonya Madsen Woods
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  • Speech to Text in Rich Content Editor in Windows OS. Make it richer!

    I was working with a Grade One teacher this week. She was really excited about using the video record tool with her students in Discussions. The kids were too! (Students are using Lenovo Yoga devices.) Wouldn't it be...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Local First Deaf Nursing Student

    Here is a recent article that I came across about the University of North Florida's first deaf Nursing Student. Thought that some of you out there would be interested.   UNF's First Deaf Nursing Student
    Eric Whitmer
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