• UDOIT 2.6.2

    This release fixes some bugs that were reported shortly after the release of 2.6.1  Thanks to Jane Jump for discovering these!   Download version 2.6.2 of UDOIT now! Please refer to the release notes f...
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  • Braille Note and Canvas Accessibility

    We have a vision impaired student uses both a laptop with a screen reader (JAWS) and a Braille Note Touch. It came up in a meeting today that he can't access text entry fields in Canvas (short-answer quiz questio...
    Audra Agnelly
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  • Documentation, PDF Files and Accessibility

    This question is mostly for the documentation team. Occasionally I have seen some documentation show up as PDF files, for example:  Canvas Account Role Permissions PDF  Canvas Course Role Permissions PDF&#...
  • UDOIT 2.6.1

    This release fixes some bugs that were reported shortly after the release of 2.6.0.  I would like to thank Tulane University and Cidi Labs for discovering these issues and contributing solutions!   Please r...
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  • Accessibility checker WCAG level?

    What WCAG level does the Canvas accessibility checker check for at present and if not WCAG 2.1 AA, will this be updated soon? Thanks!
    Kona Jones
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  • Speedgrader Captions for Live Video & Audio

    Is Canvas working on adding the capability of captioning live audio and video comments without having to purchase Studio? 
    Sue Harlan
    created by Sue Harlan
  • How can I improve the accessibility of my readings and primary sources?

    I teach a US history course that includes weekly readings (mostly scans from books I no longer have) and a very large packet of primary sources including transcripts of phone conversations, photocopies of 1970s newspa...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • UDOIT video scan for closed caption

    We are running UDOIT 2.5 on Heroku. When running the UDOIT scan on courses with YouTube videos with Closed Captions that have been edited, UDOIT shows an error "No closed captions for video found".  The videos do...
    Kim Porter
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  • Beginner's Accessibility with the Rich Content Editor

    Updated 1/23/2020 with new RCE information Introduction A new year and a new semester is a time of renewal.  As you refresh and revise your courses for the coming semester, please consider making your conten...
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Heroku plan for UDOIT

    We setup UDOIT on Heroku under the free plan following Jacob's install video (a fantastic resource) just to test the UDOIT tool.  Now we would like to go-live with UDOIT for all of our courses (just under 1,000&#...
    Kim Porter
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  • Turn that Cumbersome Teacher Resource Binder into a Digital School Resource Hub!

    Calling all school level administrators and leadership teams!Have you ever had a bajillion resources you needed to hand out to your faculty but hate the idea of making all those copies?? Not to mention killing a bunch...
    Rosina Monteiro
    created by Rosina Monteiro
  • UDOIT 2.5.0 "Dana"

    This release is dedicated to the memory of Dana Danger Grey, a wonderful person and fierce proponent of accessibility.  Read more about Dana's life here.   The main focus for this release is adding the "fir...
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  • Keyboard short-cuts within module pages

    I'm trying to understand how effective keyboard shortcuts are in canvas, both for those using screen-readers and for those using shortcuts because of a physical impairment. I'm baffled by the lack of access to shortcu...
    victoria drew
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  • Are Rubrics Accessible?

    I want to know how accessible are the Canvas rubrics? Do they work with keyboard navigation or screen readers? Both when they are being viewed in the assignment view or through the gradebook?
    Delayna Breckon
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  • Tagging Foreign Languages in Canvas for Accessibility

    Hi all,   I'm working on a project right now to help move some old language placement exams into Canvas and was tasked with coming up with some accessibility best practices and guidelines for our faculty wh...
    Laura Hamrick
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  • UDOIT Development Outside of Canvas

    I was wondering if there has been any development of UCF's UDOIT tool for other platforms outside of Canvas such as Blackboard, Moodle, et al.
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Accessibility Feature Requests

    I have always appreciated that Canvas takes accessibility seriously, as evidenced in their Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, community efforts and frequent mentions of accessibility in their release notes...
    Christopher Phillips
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  • Navigating using Cursor Keys

    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Quizzes.Next

    Hi all- Just wondering if anyone is familiar with Quizzes.Next that will be rolled out by Canvas soon?  I was shown a demo today and the types of quiz questions that are available are impressive, but I'm concerne...
    Carrie Million
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  • ALLY

    Is anyone here familiar with Ally, the accessibility checker? The Open Education Initiative (OEI) in California is rolling this out soon and I would love to hear some reviews. Mark
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