• Accessibility of built in equation editor?

    In talking about accessibility and campus, several of our faculty have asked about the equation editor in the RCE. From what I can tell, it encodes using LaTeX, which is (I think?) readable by screen readers. In searc...
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  • Accessibility is a broad topic! Would someone summarize this for us?

    What is a bullet point list of categories and or examples of Accessibility? I have been in the rabbit warren of Canvas Guides, not to mention Google search, all day researching this topic. Yikes!
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Ability to Moderate a Quizzes.Next Quiz Before a Student Accesses a Quiz

    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas Feature Request:  Provide the ability to moderate quizzes (specifically to add extended time) in Quizzes.NEXT without requiring the student to go to a Quizze...
  • Overlaying Text into Boxes

    I want to add accessible text overlays onto graphics.  Is there an easy way to do this if you are not html literate? padding  graphic overlay blocks
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Heroku plan for UDOIT

    We setup UDOIT on Heroku under the free plan following Jacob's install video (a fantastic resource) just to test the UDOIT tool.  Now we would like to go-live with UDOIT for all of our courses (just under 1,000&#...
    Kim Porter
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  • What text to speech tools do you use within Canvas?

    What text to speech tools, have you used? How do you embed/integrate to have available for Students with disabilities?
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Adding Accessibility Tools to Canvas

    I've written some accessibility tools for Canvas using JS, they're plug and play so you shouldn't need any programming knowledge to incorporate them into your own instance.   See my original post in Canvas Admin...
    Tommy Beaton
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  • Div Grid

    I  need help with a Div Grid because it is my understanding Div Grid are easier to be read by screenreaders, and having a caption for  a table is not fitting all of the time. I only have one column  ins...
    Kona Jones
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  • UDOIT 2.4.2

    Fixes the following bugs: There was a typo in the migrations script (thanks Tanner W Stokes!) that would prevent reports from very old versions of UDOIT from transferring to the database. Special characters in ...
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  • Embedded Accommodations for Tests?

    I am a Special Education Resource teacher in Texas and I have several students who are 2 to 3 grade levels behind which qualifies them to take the STAAR Test Online with embedded accommodation such as oral admin, cont...
  • Concerning PowerPoints and the accessibility feature

    I am adding PowerPoints that came originally from the publisher of my text for the new edition of my text.  I have created a page for each chapter's PowerPoint, and for most of the chapters, I have had no problem...
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Navigating Assessments in Canvas using JAWS

    Hello all,  I have a student who uses JAWS along with Canvas and he states that after he answers a question on an assessment, that he is directed back up to the top of the assessment instead of being allowed to c...
    Kona Jones
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  • UDOIT Version 2.4.1

    In my haste to release 2.4.0 before the holiday break, I forgot to include the changes I made to the "No closed captions found on media comment" error.  You can view the 2.4.1 release notes to download this versi...
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  • UDOIT Version 2.4.0 "Christmas"

      We are working on some larger features for the 2.5.0 release, but we wanted to get these out to you before the start of the new year.  Many of these features and bug fixes are a direct result of the conve...
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    Hi all,    I posted this question elsewhere but thought perhaps it could have it's own thread. If I'm wrong go ahead and delete me. Anyways, I recently watched Canvas' accessibility video and was thrilled t...
    Kevin Wright
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  • UDOIT Version 2.3.5

    This is a very tiny update that fixes an issue with false positives and Vimeo videos.  Previously, UDOIT was only detecting Vimeo videos embedded in an iframe because the URL was of the form "https://vimeo.com/pl...
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  • Speech recognition in RTE?

    Hi, why cant I use speech recognition in Rich Text Editor? Best regards Jonna
  • Digital Accessibility with SCORM

    What options exist to force the DOM to recognize a page refresh when a third party SCORM file is opened in a separate window (Lectora). Currently the screen reader does not recognize a change of state due to the invis...
  • Highlighting HTML Code that Needs Fixed

    Hi Jacob Bates...   When UDOIT finds an error that needs to be corrected (for example, "Alternative Text should not be the image filename"), has there been any thought to actually highlighting that portion of th...
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  • JAWS guide to Canvas

    Does anyone have a guide to Canvas using JAWS. I have asked Canvas help and they have said it is up to JAWS to provide it - but JAWS clearly doesn't provide guides for every piece of software available and Cnavas is a...
    Ros Walker
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