• Keyboard short-cuts within module pages

    I'm trying to understand how effective keyboard shortcuts are in canvas, both for those using screen-readers and for those using shortcuts because of a physical impairment. I'm baffled by the lack of access to shortcu...
    victoria drew
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  • Are Rubrics Accessible?

    I want to know how accessible are the Canvas rubrics? Do they work with keyboard navigation or screen readers? Both when they are being viewed in the assignment view or through the gradebook?
    Delayna Breckon
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  • Navigating using Cursor Keys

    My university now insists that Canvas pages must be navigatable using cursor keys on the keyboard. How can this be implemented?   Currently I can only navigate using my mouse, but, apparently this does not conf...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • UDOIT error after installed

    Hello, I have setup UDOIT and added  app to the course on our Canvas test site.It seem to be working but  when it reset the installation monthly which wiped out UDOIT. I did not know about it when told by o...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Accessibility API

    Has anyone created a Canvas api to check for captioned videos or alt text images?
  • Are tables accessible in Canvas?

    I was recently told by an instructional designer on campus that tables are not "accessible" in Canvas, meaning that screenreaders cannot parse and read them.   My understanding from reading Canvas documents (see...
    Stephanie Johnson
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  • Did folks in this group know that the default link color in Canvas is out of WCAG AA compliance?

    Hi everyone-- I'm just curious how many people know that the default link color is out of WCAG AA compliance. It was a surprise to me.   There's currently a feature request to adjust that color, but it only has...
    Tom Gibbons
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  • Color Contrast - default link blue

    Hello all -      I'd like to know if/when the default blue color for links in Canvas will be addressed? As it stands now, the contrast is only at 2.48:1.    Obviously the work around (changi...
    Nancy Keefer
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  • Accessibility Resources

    Where is the link to Canvas Accessibility Resources?
  • Radio questions missing fieldset and legend

    Hi-   In testing yesterday, I noticed that radio groups/multiple choice questions are missing an association with the question; they are not using a fieldset and legend, nor are they using appropriate aria group...
    Laura Fathauer
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  • Using Canvas with speech recognition software

    Does Canvas work with Dragon Naturally Speaking? or any speech recognition software? I know a couple of years ago it didn't and I am wondering what the current state is.
    Sonya Madsen Woods
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  • UDOIT evaluation of all courses in a school?

    We deployed UDOIT about a month ago.  It would be nice to gauge our current level of accessibility so that we can monitor our progress going forward. Has anyone used statistics from UDOIT to estimate the level o...
    Heidi Burgiel
    created by Heidi Burgiel
  • What are some accessible alternatives to Perusall?

    Hi all. I recently was asked to review Perusall. Based on my examination, Perusall does not seem to be accessible to persons using a keyboard or screen reader to navigate. Since there are faculty at my institution cur...
  • While creating assignments that include students visiting links or tabs within the assignment, is there a way to reflect a link or a tab has been visited?

    I have recently been made aware of how difficult it is for students using "assistive technology" determining whether or not they have already visited a specific link or tab.   Craig
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Accessible annotations in DocViewer

    Can anyone tell me (or show me) how DocViewer works with a screen reader when accessing annotations?
    Rob Gibson
    created by Rob Gibson
  • Text Color Contrast

    When I ran UDOIT, the report summary indicated the following: "Insufficient text color contrast with background" in some areas. I'm unclear about what I need to do exactly to resolve that accessibility issue.
  • Accessibility of built in equation editor?

    In talking about accessibility and campus, several of our faculty have asked about the equation editor in the RCE. From what I can tell, it encodes using LaTeX, which is (I think?) readable by screen readers. In searc...
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  • Overlaying Text into Boxes

    I want to add accessible text overlays onto graphics.  Is there an easy way to do this if you are not html literate? padding  graphic overlay blocks
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Heroku plan for UDOIT

    We setup UDOIT on Heroku under the free plan following Jacob's install video (a fantastic resource) just to test the UDOIT tool.  Now we would like to go-live with UDOIT for all of our courses (just under 1,000&#...
    Kim Porter
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  • Div Grid

    I  need help with a Div Grid because it is my understanding Div Grid are easier to be read by screenreaders, and having a caption for  a table is not fitting all of the time. I only have one column  ins...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones