• Div Grid

    I  need help with a Div Grid because it is my understanding Div Grid are easier to be read by screenreaders, and having a caption for  a table is not fitting all of the time. I only have one column  ins...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Embedded Accommodations for Tests?

    I am a Special Education Resource teacher in Texas and I have several students who are 2 to 3 grade levels behind which qualifies them to take the STAAR Test Online with embedded accommodation such as oral admin, cont...
  • Concerning PowerPoints and the accessibility feature

    I am adding PowerPoints that came originally from the publisher of my text for the new edition of my text.  I have created a page for each chapter's PowerPoint, and for most of the chapters, I have had no problem...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Navigating Assessments in Canvas using JAWS

    Hello all,  I have a student who uses JAWS along with Canvas and he states that after he answers a question on an assessment, that he is directed back up to the top of the assessment instead of being allowed to c...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones

    Hi all,    I posted this question elsewhere but thought perhaps it could have it's own thread. If I'm wrong go ahead and delete me. Anyways, I recently watched Canvas' accessibility video and was thrilled t...
    Kevin Wright
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  • Speech recognition in RTE?

    Hi, why cant I use speech recognition in Rich Text Editor? Best regards Jonna
  • Highlighting HTML Code that Needs Fixed

    Hi Jacob Bates...   When UDOIT finds an error that needs to be corrected (for example, "Alternative Text should not be the image filename"), has there been any thought to actually highlighting that portion of th...
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  • Instructor Tutorial Show/Hide Button

    Has anyone else found that the Instructor tutorial hide and show buttons are not labeled? I discovered this using the JAWS screen reader. 
    Carmen Schafer
    created by Carmen Schafer
  • JAWS and assignment upload problem

    Accessibility and assignment upload with JAWS   We have had a problem this week with a JAWS user who was not able to upload a file for an assignment. Can anyone advise how this can be done? I replicated the prob...
    Ros Walker
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  • Canvas Quizzes.Next

    Hi all- Just wondering if anyone is familiar with Quizzes.Next that will be rolled out by Canvas soon?  I was shown a demo today and the types of quiz questions that are available are impressive, but I'm concern...
    Carrie Million
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  • Accessibility Responsibility

    Who at your college or university is ultimately responsible for ensuring content in Canvas is accessible? Our Accessibility Services Coordinator and I provide training but have no compulsory power because faculty are ...
    James D'Annibale
    created by James D'Annibale
  • Captioning with Amara

    Is anyone else having trouble with captioning videos created within Canvas using Amara?  I'd prefer to use YouTube to caption, but I don't think there's a way to save the video created with Canvas to upload to Yo...
    Carrie Million
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  • Quiz for the blinds

    Hi, I just wonder if there any shortcuts or hot keys selections like: 1, 2, 3, 4 or A, B, C, D to help the blinds answering questions. I intend to put instruction voice in each quiz or question and do not want them to...
  • Canvas Inbox and JAWS Screen Reader

    This morning Julie Lotto and I were working with a student who uses the JAWS screen reader to navigate around the Canvas environment.  He was having difficulties navigating around the Canvas Inbox....
  • Is the inline document preview screen-reader accessible?

    We have started using the inline preview feature for document links to make the document viewable on screen by enabling the "Auto-open the inline preview for this link". Is the preview screen-reader accessible (assumi...
    David Dumonde
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  • Hosting UDOIT on OpenShift

    Hello,   We are exploring hosting UDOIT on OpenShift and are interested in discussing with anyone who has done this.
    Dan Burgess
    created by Dan Burgess
  • Will keyboard shortcuts ever work site wide?

    I found while looking at several other posts, that select parts of Canvas support keyboard shortcuts - notably using j and k for quickly moving around. Will this extremely useful feature ever make it to all pages on c...
  • Checking Captions for Arc-Enabled Content with UDOIT

    Jacob Bates...   We recently purchased Arc, and I embedded an Arc video into a Content Page in my "sandbox" course.  (The video was something I had uploaded to my Arc library and then uploaded a SRT file to...
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  • How to add long descriptions to embedded images?

    Does anyone have experience using long descriptions for complex images embedded in Canvas? I've already tried editing the html to add the longdesc attribute to an image, but after I save the page, the longdesc attribu...
    Aloha Sargent
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  • Has anyone had success contacting Ally for a demo recently?

    Hello Everyone, We are looking to pilot and test the Ally product after reading the feedback many people have given it in the forums here, but I can't seem to get anyone to contact us.  I've submitted multiple r...
    Michael Mace
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