• Accessibility Issues Running Axe

    I ran an accessibility check using the FF extension Axe and it found two Canvas issues: The contrast ratio of the breadcrumbs: Fix the following: Element has insufficient color contrast of 3.51 (foreground color: #008...
    Rob Gibson
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  • Ally support for Canvas...does it exist?

    Can anyone recommend someone that is versed in Ally for Canvas? Every call I've had with Bb has been disappointing as soon as I mention Canvas. I wasn't able to connect with the Bb Ally Team at InstructureCon17 b...
    Kristi O'Neil-Gonzalez
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  • UDOIT Configuration Problem

    I just installed UDOIT on-premise and followed the steps on Github to get the integration working with Canvas. It's not working for me unfortunately. When I click UDOIT on the course navigation link, I get the followi...
  • UDOIT or LTI Hosting with Heroku

    Is anyone hosting the UDOIT LTI or another LTI with Heroku? I wanted to know which package you are using and why you choose that package.Thanks
  • LTI, or other, Tool for Creating Accessible Charts and Diagrams

    Does anyone know of any tools that will create accessible graphs, Venn diagrams, and charts?   Something that either integrates with Canvas or whic provides embeddable downloads that can be used in Canvas.  ...
  • Subtitle Creation Tool not working

    When I click the "subtitle creation tool" for a video I recorded within Canvas, it says "404 Not Found".  Please advise!
    Carrie Million
    created by Carrie Million
  • Accessibility Checker for External Docs

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an accessibility checker that integrates with Canvas and works on external docs like PDF and Word? 
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  • How can a user of screen reading software review entries in the CANVAS Gradebook?

    A faculty member is using JAWS and would like to be able to review the entries in the Gradebook.    The faculty member is able to create assignments and use SpeedGrader to enter the grades with JAWS.  ...
    Nicolas Crisosto
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  • RCE not being accessible

    Hi all   Its great there is an accessibility checker embedded in the RCE but I am told from our Disability Liaison Officer that there are a number of breaches. It alone has approximately 20 Level A breaches....
    Kim M Hainsworth
    created by Kim M Hainsworth
  • Visual Disabilities?

    I came across an issue that I think is a problem with Canvas and I wonder how to address it.    I have a student who, due to diabetes and albinism, has severe sight impairment. Canvas can be helpful for him...
  • RCE not keyboard accessible?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong but is the RCE keyboard accessible? I was unable to navigate (in Chrome) to any of the built-in styles and formatting within the RCE (2 rows of options above the text box) including the ...
    Kristi O'Neil-Gonzalez
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  • How does your institution handle UDOIT adoption and training?

    Faculty adoption and training for UDOIT was brought up by Kelley L. Meeusen in the discussion for the UDOIT group proposal.  I think the community could benefit from hearing how other schools are promoting the to...
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  • JAWS, Canvas, IE8

    Hi, A student  has an old version of the JAWS screen reader (5.0) that she can't afford to update, and which she uses in conjunction with IE 8.  Canvas won't work with IE8, and the student is afraid that if...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Ally & UDOIT

    Greetings!!   I was hoping that someone could clarify the similarities and differences between Ally & UDOIT?? I know Ally is a paid service and I believe UDOIT is available on GItHub (correct me if I'm wrong...
    Kristi O'Neil-Gonzalez
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  • The UDOIT Tool and Headings

    I noticed that while UDOIT flags bold text that appears to be a heading, it does not flag skipped heading levels, so you can go from the H1 page title to the H4 heading level without that being flagged as an error. Th...
    Sonya Madsen Woods
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  • UDOIT Usage Adoption Reporting

    What reports do you use to measure how many courses or faculty members are running the reports and/or correcting the errors found? 
    Scott Leturno
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  • Quick Overview Of JAWS and Canvas

    I'm having trouble providing service to a visually impaired student who is leaving "Windows Eyes" for JAWS.  Can someone provide a quick overview of JAWS and Canvas?
    Bob Brown
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  • Will the Conference Videos be Captioned?

    It is great to see many of the videos published on Youtube, however I noticed that they do not yet appear to be captioned. Is there a plan to caption all of the videos? 
  • adding alt text to images in question banks

    When a course is developed or revised at our institution, someone in my department downloads the question banks from the publisher and then our student workers process the banks and import them into Canvas.&...
    Lisa Dickson
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  • Accessibility applications

    what screen reader or accessibility application are you using in Canvas
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders