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Colin Murtaugh
In our Canvas instance, we've created a few dozen terms so far, mostly via integration with our SIS.  Each year we add several more, and the list is getting out of hand.  Further complicating matters is the fact that the terms are sorted in a seemingly random order.  Finding the specific term you're looking for in this long, out-of-order list can… (Show more)
in Canvas Admins
Hello Canvas Admins!   We appreciate all of the feedback we've received regarding the need for better communication of permission updates.   This purpose of this document is to inform you of any updates or changes that are made to the Canvas Course Role Permissions and Canvas Account Role Permissions PDF documents. We will specify which…
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Anne Guiler
SIS XML to Canvas We are moving from Blackboard to Canvas as well as moving to new ERP Workday. With limited resources from IT - they are wanting to use the same feed structure - XML files not CSV. Is this possible?
in Canvas Admins
Susan Hauck
I’m looking for someone who has implemented the Roster Exchange API Integration for Barnes and Noble, and/or is knowledgeable regarding best practices regarding user access tokens vs developer keys for guidance.  Roster exchange is part of what they are calling their "First Day" program.   The Roster Exchange API uses the user access token… (Show more)
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Lisa D Stickdorn
Hi, I'd like to create a sub-account admin ole that would have the permission to add people to a course, but I would like the account role to only be able to enroll a particular custom course role. Is it somehow possible to restrict this sub-account admin role to only see one selection in the drop-down list in the add people dialog box? Thanks… (Show more)
in Canvas Admins
Alexander Mitchell
Click to view contentHello, everyone!   Our institution is still new to Canvas, and to capitalize on the lessons we've learned so far, we've created a course with generic items that can be copied into blank course shells to give faculty and staff a strong starting point when developing their courses.   My questions for the community are: Do you maintain… (Show more)
in Canvas Admins
Jeremy Goh
After disabling and locking the course permission for the Teacher role: Users - add / remove students in courses   The Teacher role is still able to add students to the course by going to People and select role as student.   How do I restrict the permission so that they are able to add other course roles but not the student role?   Thanks… (Show more)
in Canvas Admins
Kona Jones
Hello Canvas Admin Team and Members -  I have just started a  new role as Digital Learning Manager at We have an issue with Tutors uploading scanned copied of sheet music. This is a breach of data protection and IP regulations. I'm not sure how other Canvas admin teams have addressed this issue? Can I: > add a prompt box to clicks… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
I had a great conversation with a faculty member today about setting the SpeedGrader Options to "by submission status" to save time sifting through the names in the gradebook.  Then we wondered if there was a default status and should this be the default status to save teachers time when. accessing from the "To Do list" accessing from other… (Show more)
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