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Cassidy Vela
Here's a weird one for you all. We recently created a little app that leverages the Canvas API to pull the participations information for each enrollment. Participations is seen through the student analytics page and includes things like submitting an assignment, participating in discussions, etc... This is being used to measure student… (Show more)
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Ira Strauss
Click to view contentRecently my computer was slowing due to performance issues. I found myself moving the cursor to the exact spot each next selection or button would appear in before it could render.    When did you know its been too long?!
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Nancy LaChance
Click to view contentBefore I begin this blog, I do want to send huge kudos to Erin Hallmark who kept me sane through a more-than-trying Canvas release week.  Erin, you are a hero who stuck with us and helped throughout the week.    However, I must articulate my frustration and concern over the latest Canvas release – which I can only consider a debacle.   I spent… (Show more)
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Becky Shiring
Hi All,   My organization is in the midst of creating policies around what to do with student accounts after they graduate. Would anyone be willing to share how they handle student access to Canvas after they have left their institution (either after graduation or leaving under other circumstances)? I appreciate any thoughts or ideas the… (Show more)
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Janie Ruddy
Click to view contentThanks to Erin Keefe  and Sallie Michalsky as well as the rest of the Canvas Training team for developing wonderful, free resource such as the Be The Hero - New Training Course for Canvas Admins!  for Canvas Admins and Growing with Canvas - New Training Course.  If you have not seen these resources yet, get  your copy in the Canvas Commons.  Check… (Show more)
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Justin Brooksby
Is there a report I can run that will show me user accounts that are missing a user_id (also refered to as SS ID)?  These accounts were most likely created manually.  I ran the "SIS Export" but it seems to only want to include accounts with user id's.
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Stefanie Sanders
I am trying to split the load of getting question banks built in our sub-account but we have limited people that are sub-account admins.   Is there a way to pull questions or question banks in through the API to the sub-account level.  Or any other way? 
Jonelle Lonergan
Any ideas on how we could set up a Course role that could see and download student submissions, but does NOT have permission to view or edit grades?   We have a group of undergraduate "writing fellows" who review student papers and give feedback, but they are not allowed to view any student grades. We created a custom role and played a little… (Show more)
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Stefanie Sanders
Hello,   I've been trying to figure out how to update a students quiz grade through CanvasAPI. I keep getting this error:    missing required key :quiz_submissions I don't know what it means and I can't figure out what about my script to change to make this work. any ideas?   def updateGrade():     uri = url +'41' +… (Show more)
Jared Johnson
In a course I can hide/disable the People tool if I don't want students see other students in People, but they can still see each other if they go to the Inbox and go to create a new message.  Is there a way to hide the students so other students don't know or can't see other students in a course?  We need this option for some remediation and… (Show more)
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