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Joel Coehoorn
I'm working on migrating from an old Moodle system to a shiny new (self-hosted) Canvas installation. I have a lot of things working, including importing courses, users, and enrollments from our SIS. One thing that is not working is the sending of any email notifications to these new users. I want to be clear here: I'm not only talking about the… (Show more)
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Caroline Foley
If you are a Canvas admin for your whole account, you can view any course in that account. However, I was curious if anyone ever adds themselves as a teacher or course designer to certain courses.   If so, have you found any benefit, particularly regarding your own procedures and processes, to doing this? Perhaps making it easier for you to… (Show more)
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Tim O'Donovan
Hi all,   We're currently migrating to canvas.    We want our teachers to be able to add and remove other teachers/TAs from their course, and we have the  " add / remove teachers, course designers, or TAs in courses"  permission enabled for teachers. This works well for enrolments that have been created within the canvas GUI.    Unfortunately,… (Show more)
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Matt Gudites
Click to view contentSomeone please explain this to me.   With the settings set as shown in the screenshot below, shouldn't this stop a student from seeing the course until 5/6? Because, it's not. I have a test account enrolled in this course as a student, and I can still get into the course and see materials. I'm trying to make it so students cannot see their… (Show more)
in Canvas Admins
Hi - I'm new to this area and just wondering if someone can give me a little more detail about "on our product radar." I am specifically looking at when Canvas Conferences (bigbluebutton) will have an HTML5 solution. The most recent thing that I can find is that it is on the product radar - which was posted in April, 2016. I did see the roadmap… (Show more)
in Canvas Admins
Shandy Beck
Before we moved to Canvas, we would create numerous terms in our old system. During the summer, we would create up to 25 terms to accommodate all of the differences of the terms. When we moved to Canvas, we decided to drop down to just one term for each semester. We could use our SIS import to designate the face-to-face courses, online courses,… (Show more)
in Canvas Admins
Gary Molloy
We have a number of projects happening at the moment that entails cross-campus collaboration, document control, task allocation, authorisations and critical path visability.   I use google docs and am dabbling with Pinipa, looking at Trollo,but it struck me that most if not all of this should be possible within Canvas.   Does anyone have any… (Show more)
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Tim Batiuk
Hi all,   Does anyone have experience with trying to send attendance data from Canvas (perhaps using the Roll Call tool or some other solution, e.g. using API calls to create a report of submissions) with a Student Information System? I am using PowerSchool, but really if anyone has had experience with custom apps or any other ways to address… (Show more)
in Canvas Admins
Kona Jones
We are in need of the ability to capture an electronic signature from each student on an NDA document before completing a final exam/quiz.    Can anyone point me to a solution that can be easily integrated with Canvas to achieve this ?
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