The Canvas Podcast

Blog Post created by awilliams Administrator on Jun 3, 2015

Hello All,


I originally brought up the subject of a Canvas podcast in a status update about two months ago. Originally I had envisioned this as a podcast just for Canvas admins, but as more thought goes in to the project, I am now thinking the audience and content should be broadened to all things Canvas. I still would like to utilize the Canvas Admins group to get this project off the ground, so for now I will be posting updates here.



I like to stay engaged with topics of interest in a multitude of ways, one of my favorites are podcasts. Over the past year or so of my duties as a Canvas admin I searched for a podcast about Canvas with no luck. I have always been interested in creating a podcast and this seems to be a perfect opportunity. I believe there are plenty of others who would subscribe to a Canvas podcast to enjoy discussions from other Canvas users. Based on feedback from my status update there seem to be plenty of community members interested in participating in the discussion as well.


What and How?

Disclaimer: It's early days. Much of this can and will change as the project evolves.

  • As of now the plan is to do an audio-only podcast with audio hosted on SoundCloud.
  • Google Hangouts will be utilized as the platform to connect participants, eventually Hangouts On Air  can be used for live viewing / listening.
  • Format and Segments are still TBD.



No official schedule is yet established. I would like to start doing some experimental recordings to test the hardware and software. First one this Friday, then another one next Friday in preparation for InstructureCon 2015. Then maybe some on-site recordings during the conference.


First Experimental Session: THIS FRIDAY 6/5 3PM MST, 6PM EDT, 10PM GMT

During this first experimental session I would like to brainstorm plans for the podcast, work out technical details, and evaluate proposed software and hardware solutions.



Anyone is welcome to participate. Get in touch with me however you wish and I will add you to my list of potential hosts or guests. For now here is the list of interested parties I have:

( If you are on this list please let me know if you able to join us this Friday )


David Willmore

Tyler Clair

Kona Jones

Tim Douglas

Will Breitbach