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I have seen several Canvas admins who love the "access dates" on terms, but are hesitant to use them because they have MANY terms that would need to be adjusted.  Currently, it must be done through the UI, one-at-a-time and can be quite time consuming.  It can not be done through a CSV upload, nor is it documented in the API.


Well, I whipped up a Google Spreadsheet to help Canvas admins create the API to change these access dates. It's not fancy. It simply creates the API call that you can then copy and paste into a MAC or Linux terminal. It can also be used in a Windows command prompt if you install cURL.


Feel free to critique, improve, re-share etc.  If you decide to automate this more, I'd appreciate it if you would share a link in the comments below so others can benefit from this work, too.


Here is my Google Spreadsheet.


I hope this helps!


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