Gerald Q. Maguire

Adding a new grading standard

Blog Post created by Gerald Q. Maguire on Jun 26, 2018

In the first several year of using Canvas I spent a lot of time moving content (especially quizzes) from the prior LMSs, but this is my first major attempt to move state information for students. Has anyone else addressed such a migration?


In this migration effort, I need to move records of students' grades from another system into Canvas. Many of these students have partially completed an earlier course round (a specific session of the course) prior to the introduction of Canvas and now need to complete the remainder of the requirements for the course (for which they will have to register for a new course round that will be in Canvas).


One difficulty was that these grades were from a number of different grading systems (more than a dozen of them). One of my colleagues suggested a grading standard that would capture all of the different grades (a unified grading standard), so that when looking at grades in the gradebook for each assignment you would see the original grades. In this way a teacher could see which parts had already been completed by the student and which parts remain, and then act accordingly.


I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to add the new grading standard, but do not yet know what unexpected repercussions will occur by using it. For those who are interested in examples and the program that puts the new grading standard into a course or account, see Grading standard: Chip sandbox .


As a side question is there anyone who has used an ECTS A-F and Fx grading standard or the corresponding Pass/Fail grading standard for their institution? I am a bit surprised that both of these do not come as predefined grading standards for an LMS used in Europe. 


In a subsequent blog post I will report on my migration effort via experiments in enrolling students into a Canvas course, adding each of the assignments from the earlier course round, and then populating the gradebook with grades.