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In this episode, recorded on July 2, Kona Jones joined me to talk about instcon 2015 and the Canvas community.


Episode 0.5 by The Canvas Podcast

Guest Host:

Kent Gruber and Sam Bachert

Topics of Discussion:

Beta Release Notes

  • Recurring calendar feature (big one that people have really wanted)
  • Submit and Re-Submit button placement
  • Rename Course Catalog to Public Course Index


Listen Now: Episode 0.4 by The Canvas Podcast

Time / Date

Friday, June 26th, 3pm MST, 6pm EDT, 10pm UTC.



Pre-Show Discussion

  • Discuss first two episode postings
  • Follow-Up on logo and intro/outro music
  • audio check to make sure recording is functioning


Topics of Discussion:


Please RSVP with me in some way if you are on the list below so I can know if I'll be flying solo again.

Anthony Anderson

David Willmore

Tyler Clair

Kona Jones

Tim Douglas

Will Breitbach


Episode Posted: Episode 0.3 by The Canvas Podcast

Let's get together and talk about the conference. Here are the details.


The Canvas Podcast - InstructureCon 2015 Edition


Time / Date / Place

Thursday, June 18th, 3:45pm - Whenever (Park City Time)

Red Tail Restaurant in the Grand Summit Hotel


Pre-Show Discussion

  • review of existing discussion from 06/05/2015
  • new content ideas from Jordan Dayton ?
  • discuss duration, 30mins? random?


Topics of Discussion:

Any interesting travel stories?


Any interesting non-conference activities while in the area?


What are you favorite sessions so far and why?


Did you present? How was it?


First time thoughts? Thoughts on this year vs other years?


Recording Posted: Episode 0.2 by The Canvas Podcast

Hello all,


The second session of The Canvas Podcast will be this Friday, June 12th at 3pm MST, 6pm EDT, 10pm UTC.


As always, anyone is welcome to participate. You will need a Google account for connecting to the Hangout.


Main goal for this session is to get a recording to test editing process and hosting solutions.


Main topic will be InstructureCon 2015. For more information check out the Google Doc for this session here.


Attendees I have listed to invite:


David Willmore - still need Google Hangout info

Tyler Clair

Tim Douglas

Will Breitbach - still need Google Hangout info


If you want to be invited to the Hangout post your Google+ info in a comment or send me a message.

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