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Janie Ruddy

Canvas Admin Checklist

Posted by Janie Ruddy Employee Sep 24, 2019

Root Account Admins hold the keys to creating and maintaining a successful Canvas Instance. 


No pressure there!  Many decisions and considerations need to be made when choosing settings, customizing roles, adding integrations and more.  The Training Services team with in the Learning Services Department provide advice and guidance to help you with those decisions.  A comprehensive list of recommendations from CSM's and Trainers based on the practices of scores of successful instances would be helpful.  And so the Training Services team and James Bailey, a CSM, have done just that in this Canvas Admin Checklist 


This checklist is a reference source that provides the following details for root admins:

  • Guidance on Essential, Best Practice, and Above & Beyond settings and practices related to the following:
    • Sub Account Structure
    • Account/Course Roles & Permissions
    • Feature Options
    • Apps
    • Customizations
    • Account Settings
    • Course Settings
    • Term Organization
    • Free Training resources
    • General resources every admin should have
  • The checklist is organized by function but a sister checklist is linked to view by rating: Essential, Best Practice, and Above & Beyond
  • Links to guides related to the setting, feature or tool discussed
  • In most cases, details the reason for the recommendation is included
  • We will keep this checklist up to date with each monthly release.  



This checklist is available via a public Google Docs link.  "Make a Copy" so you can customize for your institution. Please select the following link for access: Canvas Admin Checklist 



Please share your recommendations, they might make the checklist!

Janie Ruddy

Be The Hero Updates

Posted by Janie Ruddy Employee May 17, 2019

Thanks to Erin Keefe  and Sallie Michalsky as well as the rest of the Training Services team for developing wonderful, free resource such as the Be The Hero - New Training Course for Canvas Admins!  for Canvas Admins and Growing with Canvas - New Training Course.  If you have not seen these resources yet, get  your copy in the Canvas Commons.  Check out the helpful guides for the commons here:  Guides: Commons.  


Once you import this resource into a shell, you will receive notifications when this course has been updated.  You can ask questions and get more information about these updates here and choose if you wish to import those updates to your course. 


TIP:  If you customized the Be The Hero course and you import the update, the entire course will be rewritten with that update.  It is best to pull the updated course into a new shell and copy the update to change specifically into your customized course.


Here is a list of updates that have been made in the Be The Hero Course to date:


Course ItemMore DetailReasonAction Needed
4.2 | Account Settings VideoThe Vimeo video created the Docs Team has been updated and will expire on May 31, 2019.  Include Account Settings updatesReplace the video with this updated 612 - Account Settings on Vimeo 


Update Notes for July 17, 2019Updates 7/18/2019

Course Item 

More Detail


Action Needed


Added line that was not displaying

Not showing - originally was a file that was dead

Replace html code

<p> </p>

<hr/> after saving the day in the HTML editor


Added line that was not displaying

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Replace html code

<p> </p>

<hr/> after saving the day in the HTML editor


Added line that was not displaying

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Replace html code

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<hr/> after saving the day in the HTML editor

Replaced 2.7 and 2.8 links in the 2.8 Self Paced Quiz with links to 2.6 adn 2.7

These pages did not exist.  Changed the quiz question JIT feedback to refer to 2.6 and 2.7

Pages non existent

Open the 2.8 Self Check Quiz.  View all of the Quiz Details. Replace the 2.8 Sections and Cross Listing with the Link to 2.7 Sections and Cross listing in the Just In Time Feedback.  Do the same for the 2.7 Moving Courses to reference the link to 2.6 Moving Courses


Replace broken link referencing Community Blog

Link leads to a blank page

Replace the link to the text “to this blog int eh community” to refer to this url:

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